Oil And Gas Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment by Biocell Water

Industrial waste water treatment is the process of managing and treating the waste water from industrial applications. These applications that have the potential to generate wastewater include, but are not limited to food processing, agricultural processes, breweries, wash water from any activity and process effluent. Industrial waste water can be far more concentrated than typical wastewater or sewage, with far higher BOD and COD concentrations.

Biocell is recognised as market leading in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial waste water treatment plants. Technologies employed by Biocell include dissolved air flotation, sand filters, flocculation, polymer addition along with other forms of primary and tertiary treatment.

Biocell offers a full service, from design through to manufacture, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. We have an extensive list of reference projects in the dairy waste water, brewery waste water and food processing waste water sectors throughout Europe. IF you are looking for an industrial waste water treatment system supplier, we are the market leaders.

By employing our unique variation of dissolved air flotation and other forms of advanced, yet simple waste water treatment, we can meet any emission limit valves required as part of your environmental license requirements. Our waste water and sewage treatment plants come with and effluent quality guarantee, offering total peace of mind.

Biocell industrial waste water treatment plants offer a cost effective form of waste water treatment. Using the most modern processes, we guarantee the lowest operation and maintenance costs. Systems can be designed to work with an existing infrastructure, or complete systems can be supplied. We also offer containerised wastewater treatment plants. These containerised plants have the added advantage of being modular and easy to relocate or transport. The clearfox containerised plants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for mobile sewage and wastewater treatment. Depending on your application, systems are available to rent or buy.


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