How a non compliant septic tank can affect the sale of your UK home

Non-Compliant Septic Tank

A non-compliant septic tank can seriously devalue the sale of your home. But what makes a septic system non compliant? You will find the answer in the General Binding Rules, which we have summarised here in an earlier blog post.

Why is my septic tank non compliant?

A septic system can be non-compliant for a wide variety of reasons. A leaking tank, poor effluent quality or a tank discharging directly to a soakaway or stream are common causes for non compliance. (The latter being the most recent regulation in the general binding rules to be enforced as of January 2020.)

Septic Tank Inspection

How do I know if my septic system is non compliant? If you are selling your house, an inspector will examine your septic tank. If your septic tank fails the inspection it will be flagged to potential buyers. A non compliant septic tank can devalue the sale of a house up to as much as £10,000.

Invest in Compliance

The quickest and most cost effective way to deal with a non compliant septic tank is to replace it with a certified sewage treatment plant. Especially if the existing tank is discharging to a soakaway or watercourse.

Investing in a certified system will always cost less than what it would not to. A compliant septic tank is always a plus point for potential buyers. From as little as £1249 an issue of non compliance can be addressed with the fully certified Biocell BioClean domestic sewage treatment plant. The BioClean is the most affordable home sewage treatment plant on the UK market. Furthermore, it is steel reinforced and does not require concrete backfill on most sites saving on costly installation works.

For issues of non-compliance relating to direct discharge, the ClearFox Nature is an ideal solution. With effective treatment levels of 98%, the ClearFox Nature can legally discharge direct to a stream or watercourse. Although pricier than other systems, the ClearFox can eliminate the need to install a soakaway – saving on costly and time consuming installation works.  And remember, the money earned back on the sale of your home could well exceed the cost of addressing a non compliant septic tank.

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