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Biocell SBR Kits

  • SBR technology for applications from 5 to 5000 persons
  • Specifically for installation in new or existing tanks
  • Upgrade any tank to a complete packaged wastewater treatment system in just 20 minutes
  • EN12566-3 certificate
  • Suitable for above and below ground tanks
  • Excellent at dealing with shock loadings
  • Improve the treatment efficiency of existing septic tank from 30% up to 99% approx
  • Contact us for for an instant quotation
  • Our friendly team are happy to give free advice and answer your queries


SBR Wastewater Treatment Kits

The SBR process is a highly effective wastewater treatment system. It offers a sewage treatment solution for all domestic types of wastewater. Biocell SBR technology is for applications from 5 to 5000 persons.  The SBR kits is designed specifically for installation in new or existing tanks.

SBR Technology Explained

To begin, SBR refers to sequential batch reactor. This technology is a controlled wastewater treatment process. Batches of wastewater undergo treatment in sequence. This control process allows each batch of wastewater to undergo treatment for any required time frame. This enables the achievement of any level of treatment as a result.

In brief, the typical steps in the SBR process are as follows;

  1. Filling phase – firstly, the sewage enters the first chamber, where any large solids are retained. The wastewater then feeds into the second chamber which is the biological reactor.
  2. Cleaning/Aeration phase – after this, the actual biological treatment by microorganisms starts to occur in the reactor. Short aeration and rest [non-aeration] phases alternate in an under control cleaning process. An activated sludge develops with millions of microorganisms which break down the wastewater completely.
  3. Sedimentation phase – then, a rest phase follows. The live or activated sludge sinks to the bottom of the water column. This allows a clarified water zone to form at the top of the reactor chamber.
  4. Clearwater Removal phase – finally, purified wastewater at the top of the water column now discharges from the system. The settled activated sludge transfers back into the first chamber and the process repeats with the next batch of wastewater.SBR wastewater

Advantages of SBR systems

The SBR treatment process is a highly flexible and reliable wastewater treatment process for a number of reasons. In short, the advantages of the SBR process our kits utilise are as follows;

  • Low cost wastewater treatment equipment
  • Low energy wastewater treatment
  • High effluent standard achieved
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial sewage treatment [hotels, caravan parks, restaurants, bars, schools]
  • Suitable for light industrial wastewater treatment
  • Equipment is simple to transport and install in tanks
  • Suitable for above and below ground tanks
  • Suitable for installation in any type of tank
  • Excellent at dealing with shock loadings

SBR Kits for Tank Manufacturers

Any tank manufacturer or producer can benefit from our SBR kits without having to develop a system of their own. Our SBR kits represent an opportunity to start selling complete packaged sewage treatment plants immediately, thereby saving time and money. Our SBR kits can be combined with any shape of tank [round, rectangular, square]. You can also install them in concrete tanks, GRP tanks or plastic tanks. Our kits are compatible with one chamber, two chamber or three chamber tanks. If you have a tank, we guarantee that we have equipment that is compatible with it.

All of our kits are already tested and certified to EN12566-3. If you already manufacture septic tank or water storage tanks, then contact us today. We can provide you with an equipment kit. Installing one of our SBR kits takes just 20 minutes, upgrading any tank to a complete packaged wastewater treatment system.

We can deliver up to 15 SBR kits on a single pallet. We can also design kits to cater for domestic size tanks for 5-15 persons, or for larger commercial applications up to 3000PE.

SBR Kits for Septic Tank Upgrades

SBR kits are suspended growth activated sludge systems. They do not require bulky equipment and plastic media which is difficult to transport and install in existing septic tanks. Installation depends on the size and shape of the existing septic tank. Installation simply involves dropping [pre-weighted] air diffusers in the tank followed by a simple airlift siphon that is made from PVC pipe. These SBR airlift pumps can also be pre-weighted with concrete which allows for the complete kit installation to be carried out from ground level.

Installing an SBR kit into an existing tank is a very simple method of upgrading your septic tank. We supply SBR kits to specialist drainage and wastewater professionals internationally. By installing an SBR kit into an existing septic tank, you can improve the treatment efficiency from approximately 30% up to 99%.  This can offer a sustainable solution to a septic tank problem. Installing an SBR kit provides a low cost solution to a septic tank upgrade without any major excavations.

We have supplied SBR kits to wastewater and underground drainage companies throughout the Middle East, Africa, America and Europe.

Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems

Do you require a complete packaged wastewater treatment plant with SBR technology? If so, we also have a complete range of packaged sewage solutions for new developments or for replacements of existing failing septic tanks. These include both domestic wastewater treatment plants and commercial wastewater treatment plants in concrete and plastic.

How to Get a Quote for SBR Kits

For tank manufacturers interested in obtaining a quotation for equipment to install in your tanks, all we require is the following information;

  1. Tank material [concrete, GRP, plastic]
  2. Volume of your tank
  3. Number of chambers in your tank
  4. Drawing of your tank

Once we have this information we can then prepare a complete technical proposal including drawings of single and multi tank systems. This will enable you to sell complete packaged sewage treatment plants to your customers. Our wastewater treatment kits achieve market leading treatment standards, with independently EN12566 tested performance of 6mg/l BOD, 17mg/l SS and 0.2mg/l NH4N/ammonia. The power consumption is as low as 0.1 kWh/day per person.

So contact our sales office today for helpful and friendly advice on the best SBR kit for your requirements



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