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Non-Electric Commercial Wastewater Treatment

Non electric packaged commercial wastewater treatment plants for every sector. The best solutions on the market. Lower operational and maintenance costs than any competitor system. Market leading effluent standards combined with an advanced non electric treatment process specifically designed for commercial applications and projects. The most reliable and robust commercial sewage systems on the market today. Reinforced precast concrete tanks which can be located in trafficked areas. Contact one of our friendly team today for an instant quotation for your project. We are here to answer any questions you may have and give free expert advice.


Non-Electric Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Biocell Water have a complete range of modular above and below ground non-electric commercial wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plants. These industry leading systems represent the cutting edge of commercial sewage treatment research and development. Non-electric commercial wastewater and septic systems are based on the Clearfox Nature wastewater treatment technology that is used globally for smaller applications. But this technology is now available as a packaged commercial wastewater treatment solution from 50 persons upwards.

Our non-electric commercial wastewater treatment plants are a totally unique off mains drainage solution for larger developments. After installation there are no electricity costs and no replacement parts, giving you the lowest operation and maintenance costs on the market. The system can never breakdown, guaranteeing you totally trouble free operation at all times.

caravan park non electric wastewater

Why Choose Biocell Water Non Electric Solutions? 

When purchasing a commercial off mains drainage solution, there are three main costs that need to be considered. The first cost is the initial purchase price. Generally in wastewater treatment you get what you pay for, and low cost means low quality components that do not have a long lifespan. Non-electric commercial wastewater systems compare very favorably on purchase price with equivalent high quality electric treatment plants, but they have the advantage that no further expense exists after the initial purchase.

The second major cost with any wastewater treatment plant is electricity. Advanced wastewater treatment plants such as the Biocell Commercial SBR use less electricity than conventional wastewater treatment plants, but it is still a daily cost. Conventional RBC, SAF, MBBR and BAF commercial wastewater treatment plants are constant aeration plants that constantly uses electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week regardless of the level of use . In contrast, our non electric system does not use any electricity. The resulting cost savings are considerable, and increase with system size. So the bigger the system the bigger the savings.

low cost sewage treatment

The final cost with any wastewater treatment plant relates to the replacement of wearing parts. These can include linear air compressors, side channel air compressors, submersible pumps, eccentric screw pumps and aerators. All of these components have wearing elements such as bearings, impellers, o-rings and filters that need regular cleaning and replacement. Also, each mechanical component only has a limited lifespan. So the combination of site visits for maintenance, replacement wearing components, and complete equipment replacement is a reality with any electric wastewater treatment plant. If you want a commercial water treatment plant that has no wearing parts and never requires any replacement components, then contact us now to get a quotation for our non-electric commercial wastewater solution.

How Biocell Water Non Electric Wastewater Treatment Systems Work 

Wastewater treatment is based on the principle of mixing air with the wastewater in order to encourage the development of a dense biomass [microbes] which then feed on the organic constituents in the wastewater. With a conventional commercial septic system the aeration process is provided by mechanical pumps, air blowers and aerators. Our revolutionary commercial non electric wastewater treatment system utilises natural ventilation to aerate the bacteria.

The treatment process has the following steps:

1 – Primary settlement: Raw wastewater passes through primary settlement tanks which allows all of the larger and heavier solids to settle out of the wastewater.

2 – Buffering: Primary treated wastewater enters a buffer tank which equalises shock loads of wastewater to the system and controls the flow of wastewater into the biological treatment zone.

3 – Biological treatment: The primary treated wastewater flows from the buffer tanks into the biological treatment zone. Here natural ventilation allows for a dense colony of bacteria to grow within the tank on the specialist plastic media. This bacteria feeds on and breaks down the wastewater producing a clean and clear final effluent.

Simple, reliable and guaranteed trouble free sewage treatment in three easy steps.

non-electric commercial wastewater

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Costs and Warranty

The warranty and guarantee with any wastewater treatment plant is of critical importance. With commercial wastewater treatment plants this is especially the case. When it comes to a system warranty, our commercial non electric wastewater treatment plants are simply unbeatable due to the following:

1 – No mechanical parts

2 – No electrical parts

3 – No replacement parts

4 – No electricity costs

When looking at operational expenditure, no other wastewater treatment plant is comparable.

In addition to having no parts that require replacement or maintenance, our commercial non electric septic systems are also manufactured from reinforced precast concrete. This means we can offer a 40 year structural  guarantee and warranty on our tanks. No other supplier offers any type of equivalent warranty to this. Plastic and fiberglass tank manufacturers and suppliers only provide a 10-15 year guarantee, which is only valid where specialist installers are employed. If you are purchasing a commercial sewage treatment system – make sure it is a Biocell plant with a warranty four times longer than our competitors.

concrete tank

When you are looking at a commercial sewage treatment plant or wastewater treatment solution for your next project or development, invest in a non electric wastewater treatment system and see the benefits and cost savings compared to any other commercial septic system.

Contact one of our friendly team today for an instant quotation for your project. We are here to answer any questions you may have and give free expert advice.


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