Residential Development Wastewater Treatment

  • Residential development wastewater treatment
  • Suitable for treating wastewater from housing developments, apartment buildings and residential accommodation
  • Ideal off mains solution for commercial wastewater treatment
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Suitable for location in trafficked areas or restricted sites
  • Complete packaged plants
  • New installations and upgrade of existing systems
  • 40 year structural tank warranty
  • Reference projects nationwide
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Residential Housing Development Wastewater Treatment

Residential developments, subdivisions and apartment buildings may require on-site wastewater treatment if there is no access to public sewerage. Alternatively, local regulations may require pre-treatment of the wastewater prior to discharge. Our commercial wastewater treatment systems are an ideal solution for the treatment and disposal of residential development wastewater and sewage.

Throughout a typical weekday, wastewater from residential applications is quite variable in flow rate. Peak flow rate typically occurs in the mornings, late afternoon and evenings, when people leave or return from work, school etc. It is important that a treatment system be designed to cater for the significant peak flows combined with periods of low flow at residential developments. In addition, the concentration of pollutants such as ammonia and COD in residential wastewater can be quite high. This is often the result of increased use of disinfectants and cleaning products, along with many houses not having grease traps installed. It is important that this is also accounted for in the wastewater treatment system.

In many regions the wastewater values generated from residential developments can be quite large, resulting in the need for the discharge to be licensed. We have extensive experience providing above ground and below ground modular wastewater treatment solutions for residential developments under a discharge license.

Nitrate neutrality for development sites has now become a major consideration for many projects in nitrogen sensitive areas. This is mainly to prevent eutrophication of lakes and rivers. Wastewater treatment plants that have the ability to remove nitrogen must be designed specifically for these project sites. Extremely low levels of nitrogen in the final effluent must be achieved, and process guarantees must be provided. Our advanced biological wastewater treatment plants have the ability to reduce nitrogen to extremely low levels without the need for tertiary treatment. Once the predevelopment nitrogen load has been calculated for the project development site in question, we can then complete the calculations to demonstrate total nitrogen output from our wastewater treatment plant.

Modular systems have an advantage as they can be installed on a phased basis as the development grows. In addition to offering complete solutions, we also offer add-on modules for existing wastewater treatment plants in breach of the discharge license. These include phosphorus removal, disinfection, ammonia removal, and grease treatment.

Residential Development Wastewater Treatment Solutions by Biocell Water

For housing developments we provide a range of different solutions covering small projects (up to 50 people) to larger projects (up to 5,000 people). The solutions that we offer will be determined by the unique requirements an individual project. This could be in the form of a site restriction, which may mean that an above ground treatment plant is more suitable than a below ground solution. Another project specific variable is effluent standard. This is usually a matter of location as different localities often have differing discharge requirements.

For below ground solutions we would typically offer an MBBR or SBR solution. In this instance, we require the construction of a  concrete tank underground after which we then supply and install all of the equipment inside. This offers the client an extremely cost-effective solution for residential development wastewater treatment but will require civil works.

For above ground solutions we typically offer a containerized solution, or ‘plug and play’ modules. The process technologies we use include fixed bed biological reactor, MBBR and MBR. The process technology is selected on a site specific basis depending on the effluent standard that needs to be achieved and the budget available for the project. By having this wide array of solutions available we are able to cater for any demand in terms of budget and/or effluent standards for new housing developments

Low Energy Commercial Wastewater Treatment

Our waste water packaged plants for residential developments set industry standards with regard to energy use. Unlike systems that run on constant aeration technology, our patented SBR process operates in cycles that include rest and settlement periods without electricity. We can guarantee that our solutions outperform the market competition on electricity consumption.

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance

We believe that simple low cost maintenance is essential for the success of any wastewater treatment solution for a residential housing development. We design all Biocell wastewater treatment plants with this in mind. For example, our commercial concrete sewage treatment plants do not have any moving part submerged within the wastewater. All necessary standard maintenance operations can continue without emptying the tanks and without the need to enter the tanks. Any non specialist operators can carry out maintenance. While we offer complete maintenance packages for all our systems, the straightforward design means any maintenance company can service them.

Security and Peace of Mind

All components have alarms, so any fault is immediately clear to the plant owner or operator. GSM alarm dialout modules are also available which can alert the owner/operator to any issue. This allows for immediate action to prevent any downtime. Biocell can also monitor a system continuously with our SCADA package. This guarantees the client security and peace of mind as a result.

Enquire about Wastewater Treatment for a Housing Development

Get in touch to speak with a member of our fully qualified technical sales team about a solution for your project. We can offer recommendations on the ideal commercial wastewater treatment solution for your site and give a free quotation once we know your particular project requirements. Our solutions always demonstrate their superiority to the market competition on quality, reliability, energy use and effluent quality. Have a look at some of our commercial case studies to see some of our recent work. All our products are independently tested and certified and meet the regulatory local and national standards.


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