Stormwater Attenuation

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Attenuation Tanks and Solutions for Stormwater Management

Biocell Water offers a range of attenuation solutions to cater for a variety of site spatial and loading constraints. These range from tank based attenuation solutions, to pipe based and geocellular solutions. By offering a range of products, it allows us to offer a competitive solution for every application. In addition to attenuation storage, we also offer a range of ancillary products such as flow control devices and oil interceptors.

a Stormwater attenuation tank

Installing an Attenuation Tank

Providing stormwater storage in tanks offers a very reliable and simple attenuation tank solution. Tanks are simple to install and connect, and they offer excellent access for maintenance. From an installation viewpoint, there is minimal work for the contractor onsite excluding excavation and backfilling. There is no requirement for geotextiles, geomembranes, or welding of geomembrane joints. We can also factory fit our tanks with discharge pumps. This may be necessary where there is a remote discharge point if site levels cannot facilitate a gravity discharge. Our tank based systems are available in precast concrete tanks or in twin wall HDPE tanks.

Attenuation Pipes

Pipe based twinstore attenuation is an innovative attenuation solution. It uses a combination of gravel and tank storage similar to plastic tunnel based attenuation systems. The twinstore solution is a highly competitive stormwater management system. Twinstore works by using a system of lightweight, helically wound pipes in a range of diameters (0.6m to 3.6m). The onsite contractor will install the pipes within a lined excavation before backfilling it. Instead of sealing the pipe joints, they can then pass water into the granular fill. This balances water freely between the pipes and the backfill within an impermeable membrane.

Some pipe attenuation tanks

Twinstore balances the void ratio between the tank and the granular fill. This reduces the overall footprint of the pipe system which is a critical factor in many applications. The onsite contractor lines the excavation with either an impermeable membrane (GCL or fully welded liner) or a geotextile liner. But this will depend on the site requirements. Water is cleaned as it passes in and out of the tank.

Don’t be limited by the size or shape of concrete or cellular systems; work with our design team to create a stormwater attenuation system that really meets your site brief. We can offer an infinite number of layouts using pipes from 0.3m to 3.6m diameter. Solutions are available regardless of site spatial constraints, access requirements, installation depths or budget.

Attenuation Crates

Chamber or crate based attenuation offers a viable alternative to tank or pipe based systems. This is a good solution where there are site access restrictions or where there is a very small footprint available. Modular geocellular systems can withstand vertical loads of up to 80 tonnes. This makes them ideal for attenuation or soakaway applications in areas of heavy traffic. They are also very effective for use in installations which require shallow burial depths.

attenuation crates at a site

We can assemble modular cells together to form a structure of any shape or size. This is in order to to hold stormwater from roofs, gutters or surface drains. We can then wrap it in an impermeable membrane (for attenuation) or permeable membrane (for infiltration). This is in order to control the surface water entering the tank. Our geocellular units are lightweight and easy to handle. They also have unique rounded corners to prevent punctures to the membrane during the installation process. We also recommend the addition of a silt trap. This will remove any sediment before entering the tanks, then allow it to discharge at a set rate.

BBA attenuation logo

Product Certification

All of our attenuation solutions have the appropriate certifications for every jurisdiction. These include BBA certification and  WRC approval, in addition to designs in accordance with Highways Agency standard BD12.

How to Buy an Attenuation Tank or System

Get in touch to speak with a member of our technical sales team. Once we know your project requirements we can provide you with a free no obligation quotation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about stormwater management, attenuation systems or wastewater treatment in general.

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