Commercial Sewage Systems

The Best Commercial Sewage Systems Prices

Biocell Water supply the widest range of commercial sewage systems and commercial septic tanks on the market so we can guarantee the most energy efficient and cost effective solution for your project. Commercial wastewater characteristics can vary significantly for each individual commercial premises. This is why it is so important to match the project requirements with the right commercial sewage treatment plant in order for it to be effective. We carefully design and manufacture each of our commercial wastewater treatment plants to strict specifications. Our commercial sewage systems cost less than any of our competitors because we continuously invest in the development of new technology. This allows us to design systems to treat commercial wastewater in the most effective, least expensive way. This gives our customers real value for money on purchase price, installation and maintenance.

How to Buy a Biocell Commercial Sewage System

If you need to install a commercial sewage treatment plant and would like to find out how much it will cost simply fill out the contact form and we will get back to you quickly with a no obligation quotation. Our experienced technical sales staff will guide you towards the best commercial wastewater treatment solution for your budget, site specifications and wastewater characteristics. Once you have chosen the system you want, we offer a rapid manufacture and delivery of all our bespoke commercial sewage systems nationwide.

Why Buy a Biocell Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant?

There are many reasons to choose Biocell as your commercial wastewater treatment supplier. Here are just a few:

  • Widest range of cost effective commercial sewage treatment plants
  • Market leading effluent standards
  • Lowest operational and maintenance costs
  • Advanced non electric treatment systems
  • Reinforced precast concrete commercial tanks
  • Longest desludging intervals
  • Longest tank warranty
  • Simple, fast installation
  • 50-1000 person systems
  • Certified to EN12566-3
  • MBBR and SBR treatment technology

Commercial Sewage Treatment Applications

Our  sewage systems are suitable for a range of developments including the following typical applications;

  • Hotels
  • Guesthouses
  • Restaurants
  • Mixed use developments
  • Schools
  • Caravan parks
  • Industrial units
  • Motorway service stations
  • Housing developments
  • Sports clubs

About Commercial Sewage Treatment

Many commercial developments are located in areas where there is no main public sewer available. In these instances, commercial off mains drainage solutions are required.

In the past, commercial off mains drainage options were very limited in their scope. Septic tanks were often used. Septic tanks however, have a very limited treatment efficiency, as low as 20%. Poor quality effluent can result in pollution of groundwater and surface waters. Also, the poor suspended solid removal rates can cause soakaways and percolation areas to fail.

An alternative method for commercial sewage and wastewater management was in the form of a cesspit or a cesspool. These wastewater storage tanks are designed to hold wastewater and sewage. They are them emptied intermittently by a licensed waste collection company using a vacuum tanker. While cesspits are effective, the regular desludging and emptying is very expensive and unsustainable.

Commercial developments such as hotels, leisure centres, caravan parks, nursing homes and schools now install commercial sewage treatment plants to deal with the sewage generated onsite. A number of different treatment processes are available, including activated sludge systems, SAF systems [submerged aerated filter], MBBR [moving bed biological reactor] and SBR systems [sequential batch reactor]. RBC [rotating biological contactor] is also an option, but they are less favored due to the high maintenance and operational costs.

Commercial sewage treatment plants are available for both above and below ground applications. Systems are offered in reinforced precast concrete tanks, GRP tanks and plastic tanks. With most commercial sewage treatment plants, it is important to have a grease trap installed to remove fats, oils and grease from the sewage and wastewater, as this can have a negative impact on the treatment process.

Biocell commercial sewage systems can be installed to achieve any level of effluent required. Our systems are reliable, robust, and they have the lowest energy and maintenance costs on the market.