Containerised Sewage Treatment

Mobile Containerised Sewage Treatment Plants

Biocell Water mobile wastewater treatment systems offer a highly flexible and innovative method of wastewater management. It’s due to their level of flexibility and mobility that containerized sewage treatment plants have become increasing popular on site. Our portable wastewater systems have all of the components required for wastewater treatment preinstalled into ISO sea containers. The containerised plants can be installed above ground, with setup and commissioning possible on the day of delivery. This rapid setup and shut down capability makes our self contained sewage treatment plants ideal for mobile or temporary wastewater treatment applications. Portable sewage treatment is suitable for a wide range of applications including worker camps [oil and gas], construction sites, factories, municipal projects and other developments.

How to Buy a Biocell Container Plant

A containerised wastewater treatment system is generally only required for a larger project. But if in doubt, our specialist technical sales staff are on hand to guide you to the right solution for your project. Our proposals involve an assessment of the daily inflow volume, the strength of the incoming wastewater and the required effluent standard that needs to be achieved. We provide a free expert consultation and design proposal for wastewater container plants, so get in touch today.

Why Buy a Biocell Wastewater Treatment Container

Unlike many competitor plants Biocell container plants are a superior choice because we manufacture our units directly. In contrast to this, many competitors outsource the manufacturing to facilities with no stringent factory production control or quality control. Another advantage of our container systems is that they are modular and can be expanded or reduced in size by adding or removing extra containers. This means that any level of wastewater treatment can be achieved with one of our containerised sewage treatment solutions. In addition, effluent treated by the container plant can be recycled and reused. For more information on the price of a Biocell container plant, contact us for a free design proposal.

In short, Biocell Water containerised wastewater treatment solutions have the following advantages;

  • Excellent value custom design solutions
  • Can meet any effluent standard
  • Modular expansion available
  • Rapid manufacture and international delivery
  • Available to rent or buy
  • Suitable for up to 20,000 person applications
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Can be connected to our remote monitoring SCADA system
  • Independent test reports from PIA GmbH on plant efficiency