The best domestic sewage systems

We needed to upgrade our septic tank and install a new sewage treatment plant. We did our research. We saved massively on installation, which is a hidden cost, as the tank was shallow dig and does not need concrete surround as its super reinforced. We also save every year as the system has the lowest independently certified running costs of any system on the market.

The best commercial sewage treatment plants

I was having serious problems with a large commercial sewage treatment plant I purchased from another company 5 years ago for my hotel. I had no option but to replace it, as the complete system was failing. The Biocell team designed a bespoke solution for me. I am so happy with the system as its odour free, needs almost no maintenance and samples taken by the Environment Agency meet the standards every time.

The industry leader in wastewater treatment and pumping

We have dealt with many sewage system suppliers over the past 10 years. Biocell Water stand head and shoulders above the rest with regard to expertise, technical knowledge, flexibility, quality and price. We would not even consider using another company.

A superb range of products

A brilliant company and team of total professionals with a solution for every wastewater treatment challenge. When we need a cost effective wastewater treatment solution, we chose Biocell Water every time.

Great quality products and solutions at unbeatable prices

We started working with Biocell Water in 2014. They have the best products on the market and provide amazing technical support. By installing Biocell sewage treatment plants we have happier customers and much better value solutions.