Fish Processing Wastewater Treatment

Fisheries produce wastewater of varying strengths depending on the operational processes within the facility. Washing operations, fish filleting and drainage from storage tanks create wastewater streams of mild to moderate contamination. The most suitable course of treatment will be unique to the individual facility and is determined by the strength of the effluent, rate of discharge and sensitivity of the receiving watercourse.

Biocell have engineered a range of systems and solutions for fish processing effluent treatment. Our wastewater treatment systems for fisheries target various areas of concern, for example:

  • high organic content
  • suspended solids
  • ammonia/nitrogen
  • oil and grease
  • pH
  • odor
  • sludge

Primary Treatment

Screening and sedimentation quickly reduce the amount of solids present in the fish processing effluent. In small scale factories, a static screen and settling tank is often enough to complete primary treatment. For larger operations with more complex wastewater streams, mechanical screening via rotary drum screen and flotation may be required. We provide a variety of sreening solutions for primary treatment of fish processing wastewaters.

DAF for Fishery Wastewater

DAF removes oil and grease and suspended solids from fish processing wastewaters. DAF is widely used in the fish processing industry to clarify raw effluent with up to 99% efficiency. Biocell offer a variety of low footprint, high performance DAF solutions for fish and seafood process effluent.

Fish Processing Sludge Treatment

Sludge generated in the primary and secondary treatments of fish process wastewater can be treated on-site or transported for treatment. Investing in on-site sludge treatment greatly reduces the cost of transport and disposal to manufacturers. Our sludge press is suitable for sludge dewatering both primary and secondary fish processing effluent.

Modular Design

With Biocell, each specific treatment process is available in modular format with low footprint. The treatment types depends on the unique requirements of the fish processing facility. There are a variety of modular treatment solutions Biocell can provide for broad range of fish processing effluent streams including settlement, storage, equalization, clarification and neutralization.


All solutions by Biocell Water are custom engineered and pilot tested prior to full installation until the exact requirements of the discharge license are met. Our tailor-made solutions for on-site wastewater treatment for fish processing are a proven way to counteract operational costs and increase profit margins. Manufacturers can expect a a 12 to 18 month ROI after implementing a Biocell treatment system.

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