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Caravan Park Wastewater Treatment

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  • Caravan Park, Campsite and Holiday Park sewage treatment
  • Ideal off mains solution for commercial wastewater treatment
  • Suitable for location in trafficked areas or restricted sites
  • Complete packaged plants
  • Best in class effluent standards
  • Lowest power consumption
  • 40 year structural tank warranty
  • Reference projects nationwide
  • New installations and upgrade of existing systems
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Caravan Park Wastewater Treatment

Our commercial wastewater treatment systems are an ideal solution for treatment and disposal of campsite and caravan park sewage. Due to the location of caravan parks in rural and scenic areas, there can often be very strict compliance limits set for ammonia, phosphorus, nitrogen and BOD. This is often due to the fact that treated effluent is discharged into sensitive watercourses or estuaries. When it comes to off mains drainage solutions for caravan parks or campsites, these key factors need careful consideration. For this reason, it is important to seek specialist input at design stage.

Our packaged plants are the industry standard in both permanent and seasonal caravan parks and campsites. In addition to offering complete wastewater treatment plants to replace failing systems, we can also offer add-on modules for treating specific parameters such as ammonia. This can be of benefit when an existing system is in breach of the environment agency discharge consent.

We provide bespoke wastewater treatment solutions to suit any available space, above ground or below ground, and to any effluent standards. Where there is a compliance issue with the environment agency due to a breach of a discharge license or permit, we can offer an upgrade to ensure full compliance.

Holiday Park Wastewater Treatment Solutions by Biocell Water

Unlike other applications, sewage systems for caravan parks and campsites must deal with unique conditions such as;

  • Highly variable loadings
  • Huge seasonal variation in occupancy
  • High effluent standards due to sensitive locations
  • Automatic operation and low maintenance requirements as no specialist staff onsite

Biocell Water have a proven track record in providing low cost, reliable sewage treatment plants for campsites and caravan parks using the latest developments in large scale wastewater treatment such as SBR process technology. We are one of the only wastewater treatment suppliers using specialist SBR technology for caravan site wastewater treatment solutions. This technology operates on a project specific pre-programmed treatment sequence, which is ideal for seasonal applications such as holiday parks and camp sites.

Sewage System Guarantee and Warranty for Caravan Parks

If you are purchasing a caravan park wastewater treatment plant, don’t overlook the importance of a sewage system guarantee. Biocell commercial concrete plants come with a 40 year structural warranty, unlike the short 10-15 year guarantee that plastic and GRP tank manufacturers offer which is only valid with specialist installation works. Biocell Water are the only manufacturer offering a guarantee that our wastewater treatment plants will not need replacing or removal after 10-15 years due to structural failure or deformation.

Low Energy Commercial Wastewater Treatment

Our waste water packaged plants for campsites and caravan parks set industry standards with regard to energy use. Unlike systems that run on constant aeration technology, our patented SBR process operates in cycles that include rest and settlement periods without electricity. Installing one of our sewage treatment plants for your holiday park will result in low electricity and running costs. We can also offer completely non electric commercial wastewater treatment plants. This is ideal for projects where power consumption or access to a power supply is a concern or an issue. We guarantee it will outperform the market competition on electricity consumption.

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance

For any caravan park, glamping or camp site with an off mains drainage system, simple low cost maintenance is essential. We design all Biocell wastewater treatment plants with this in mind. For example, our commercial concrete sewage treatment plants do not have any moving part submerged within the wastewater. All necessary standard maintenance operations can continue without emptying the tanks and without the need to enter the tanks. Any non specialist operators can carry out maintenance. While we offer complete maintenance packages for all our systems, the straightforward design means any maintenance company can service them.

Security and Peace of Mind

All components have alarms, so any fault is immediately clear to the plant owner or operator. GSM alarm dialout modules are also available which can alert the owner/operator to any issue. This allows for immediate action to prevent any downtime. Biocell can also monitor your system continuously with the use of our SCADA package. This guarantees the client security and peace of mind as a result.

How to Buy a Holiday Park Sewage Treatment Plant

Get in touch to speak with a member of technical sales about a sewage treatment plant for your holiday park. We can make recommendations on the ideal commercial wastewater treatment solution for your site and give a free quotation once we have established your particular project requirements. Our solutions always demonstrate their superiority to the market competition on quality, reliability, energy use and effluent quality. Have a look at some of our commercial case studies to see some of our work. All our products are independently tested and certified and meet the regulatory local and national standards.

5 reviews for Caravan Park Wastewater Treatment

  1. Holiday Park West Sussex

    The staff at Biocell were very professional and happy to answer all of questions before we went ahead with the upgrade to our septic system. Very glad we chose them.

  2. Kim stones

    Hi I am looking at buying a large fishing lakes and needing some idea of likely coats I intend having upto 70 lodges can someone call be to discuss likely costs many thanks

    • James Clarke

      Hi Kim, please email us at with the details of your project for a quotation.

  3. Mathieu Noble

    Very good customer service and after sales care. Merci!

  4. Bruce Harrison

    Great system put in place by Biocell when we expanded our park and really good customer service. I was always kept informed about the progress of work and any questions I had they were happy to answer. Opted in for maintenance package and very happy with the level of service for the price.

  5. Joe Mackey

    Excellent company to deal with. Best quotation and true to form, up and running quickly and with no disruptions to business.

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