Domestic Pump Stations

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  • Pump stations and pumping solutions for domestic wastewater applications
  • Stormwater pumping
  • Sewage pumping
  • Effluent pumping
  • Pumping of highly contaminated waters
  • Single, twin or multi-pump setups available, with all associated controls
  • Variety of pump station accessories
  • Alarm systems available including visual, audible and GSM dialout
  • Servicing and parts for old pump stations
  • Contact us for information, advice or a free quotation



Domestic Sewage Pumping Stations

Biocell Water manufacture and supply pumping stations for all types of domestic wastewater treatment. We offer ready made and bespoke pumping solutions with single pump or twin pump setup as standard and multi-pump options. We have a range of pumping systems available in materials such as precast concrete, GRP or high-density PE. Also, we have a variety of pumps suitable for domestic wastewater applications such as the pumping of stormwater, raw sewage, effluent or highly contaminated waters. Additionally, we can include control panels to meet specific project requirements and local authority standards.

Domestic Pumping Options

As a low cost pump stations supplier, we offer a variety of domestic sewage pump options such as;


  • Single pump raw sewage
  • Twin pump raw sewage
  • Multi pump raw sewage
  • Single pump effluent
  • Twin pump effluent
  • Multi pump effluent
  • Single pump grinder
  • Twin pump grinder
  • Multi pump grinder


Pumping Accessories for Domestic Wastewater

We supply a variety of accessories to enhance the performance or a pumping station. Any specific project requirement can be met with the right pump accessory such as;

  • Inlet screens on effluent pump stations
  • High level audible and visual alarms
  • Non return valves and sluice valves
  • Easy lift manhole covers to any required load rating
  • Quick release fittings
  • Chemical dosing systems and carbon filters for odour control
  • GSM dial out
  • SCADA control link for external real time monitoring
  • Pump control panels can be manufactured to suit

Domestic Pump Station Upgrade and Refurbishment


An effective, well-operating pump station is essential for a successful wastewater treatment project. So for any old or failing pump stations, we can provide a rehabilitation service to restore any existing pump station to full functionality and to meet local standards. Some services and parts we offer include;

  • Certified chains
  • Lifting davit installation
  • Pedestal and guide rail replacement
  • Pump replacements
  • Panel replacements
  • Alarm add-ons
  • Valve testing and replacement
  • Pump testing and repair
  • Pump station testing and reporting

Order a Pump Station for a Domestic Application

Get in touch if you would like to know more about pumping solutions for domestic wastewater treatment. Once we know your specific project requirements we can provide a free quotation. Our technical sales team will answer any questions you may have or recommend a suitable pumping solution for your domestic project.

7 reviews for Domestic Pump Stations

  1. john joe

    Did the job!

  2. mick o toole

    All up and running in no time.

  3. May Ryan

    Brilliant work done by Biocell on the sewage system and pump for our new build. Thanks lads.

  4. Tony

    Thanks for refurbishing the pump station. Great job.

  5. SepticSystemsIreland

    Buy these regularly. Great little units.

  6. Fintan Sweeney

    Bought a really good value small pump station for an outside office with toilets to pump up to the main septic tank. A1

  7. John Molloy

    Bought a domestic gravity sewage plant from Biocell 1 week ago. Engineer changed his mind so we needed to pump the effluent. Got a small pump station with next day delivery. Solid piece of gear. popped into the ground behind the sewage plant easily. Went for a nice basic model and was very good value.

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