You will find a comprehensive range of wastewater treatment solutions, treatment plants and products at Biocell. We manufacture our products to strict factory production control ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and ISO/TS16949:2009. Our product certifications, EN12566-1, EN12566-3 and SR66, are issued by leading independent test facilities including PIA GmbH in Aachen, TOUO, CERIB and MFPA. We guarantee that our products combine effluent standards and efficiency better than any competitor product on the market. Regardless of your location, we can provide a suitable wastewater treatment solution for your project. 

We have fully optimized our treatment systems and solutions for transport. We  offer a rapid nationwide home delivery for domestic and commercial wastewater treatment plants. Our industrial wastewater treatment systems and mobile sewage treatment plants are quickly and easily transportable with all equipment pre-installed inside ISO sea containers.