Quarry Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Wastewater is generated in quarries from the washing and processing of sand and aggregates. This type of wastewater is rich in product fines such as and clay and silt. Effectively managing wastewater at a quarry is an important part of keeping operational costs under control. Common challenges that quarries face are reclaiming wastewater for reuse, pumping water and wastewater around the facility and treating effluent in order to meet discharge license requirements.


Biocell Water can provide a variety of solutions for quarry wastewater treatment and transportation. Our engineers can design a pumping station to transport quarry effluent to a treatment plant onsite, to discharge to public sewerage or for reuse in a closed loop system.


Contaminated run-off from stockpiles, pit water and quarry process effluent will require some form of treatment prior to discharge if in an environmentally sensitive area. Suspended solids can be settled out in lagoons, storage tanks or ponds. The dissolved contaminants can be addressed with a variety of treatment solutions depending on the characteristics of the effluent, site specifications and the local regulations.

Primary Treatment

Biocell Water can provide a mechanical screening solution for filtering out coarse and fine grit in quarry effluent. Additionally, for dissolved materials, Biocell offer bespoke DAF treatment systems engineered to target the specific contaminants in the quarry wastewater.


Sludge dewatering, oil interception and storage tanks are viable treatment options we offer for quarries that are upgrading existing systems or commissioning new solutions.

All solutions by Biocell Water are custom engineered and pilot tested prior to full installation until the exact requirements of the discharge license are met. A containerised solution can offer a fully flexible option for quarry wastewater treatment with all equipment preinstalled inside ISO sea containers. This means that the wastewater treatment plant is not tied to a fixed location at the quarry and can be easily relocated if necessary.

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