Filterpod Tertiary Treatment

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  • Compliant with all European standards – including UK2020 septic tank upgrade regulations and SR66 regulations in Ireland
  • Market leading tertiary treatment module
  • Alternative to peat filters, coco filters and sand polishing filters
  • Approved for use in every County Council in place of any alternative filter system
  • EN12566-3, EN12566-6 and SR66
  • Advanced treatment technology
  • Eliminates need for large percolation area or soakaway
  • Easy installation shallow dig tank
  • Impact resistant high density tank
  • Zero running costs
  • Rapid nationwide delivery
  • Trade discount
  • Contact us for information, advice or a free quotation


Domestic Tertiary Wastewater Treatment

The filterpod by Biocell Water is an advanced tertiary treatment module that completes the final stage of domestic sewage treatment. Installing a filterpod costs significantly less than the alternative of constructing a traditional gravel and pipework percolation area. The Biocell filterpod uses a non electric filtration process to clean the effluent to suitably high standards prior to discharge.

Unlike other tertiary treatment modules that use peat or waste coconut shells as a filter media, the filterpod contains specially engineered RDX synthetic media. This media is not an organic substance and does not break down and degrade like peat or coconut waste shells. It is an advanced wastewater treatment technology and a suitable alternative to any type of percolation area.

When using a tertiary wastewater treatment system after a domestic sewage treatment plant, it is essential that it is certified to EN12566-6. The Biocell filterpod is one of the only tertiary wastewater treatment systems on the market that is certified to EN12566-3, EN12566-6 and SR66. It is one of the only tertiary sewage systems that is certified to this standard and is therefore suitable for use in place of any other tertiary treatment system.

The filterpod is a low profile tertiary treatment module that is simple to install. The reinforced filterpod tank is manufactured from impact resistant high density polyethylene. It also results in a reduced percolation area footprint when compared to that of sand polishing filters, soil polishing filters or traditional soakaways. So contact us now for a free quotation or a trade price if you are an installer/trade supplier.

Why buy a Filterpod Treatment System?


    • Instant quote – we will beat ANY competitor product on price
    • Shallow dig tank for easy installation
    • No concrete backfill required
    • Single piece high density watertight tank
    • No running costs
    • High effluent quality
    • Approved for installation in place of any other system
    • No additives or chemicals necessary
    • No odour
    • Totally silent operation
    • Rapid delivery nationwide


How does the Filterpod Sewage Treatment Plant work?

The combination of the Biocell QuickOne and the filterpod tertiary wastewater treatment system provides a complete wastewater treatment solution for your site, removing the need for a large percolation area. The wastewater treatment process is quick, simple and trouble free. Unlike other septic systems, the tank does not produce any odour and it achieves full treatment is a very compact footprint.

  1. Raw sewage from the house flows into the Biocell Quickone sewage treatment plant. The integrated filter retains any non-biodegradable items.
  2. The small air blower then activates and runs, aerating the wastewater via the bubble diffusers in the next chamber of the tank. Naturally occurring bacteria develop and consume the organic material and nutrients in the sewage. The aeration process supplies the bacteria with abundant oxygen, allowing them to multiply and clean to industry leading standards.
  3. The settlement phase occurs where any remaining fine solids in the wastewater settle to the very bottom of the tank producing sludge. The water in the final chamber is ready for transfer to the filterpod tertiary treatment system.
  4. It enters the filterpod for final tertiary treatment. Natural aeration in the filterpod allows more bacteria to grow on the RDX media. Any remaining solids or organics in the wastewater are retained in this media and then broken down by the microbes and bacteria.
  5. The final clean effluent exits the filterpod and infiltrates into the ground.

How to buy a Tertiary Wastewater Filter

Get in touch to talk to a member of technical sales for a free quotation or with any questions you have about a tertiary wastewater treatment filter tank from Biocell. We offer trade prices to builders and installers. The Biocell filterpod tertiary treatment system is also suitable for installation after existing sewage treatment plants.

7 reviews for Filterpod Tertiary Treatment

  1. john wilson

    would like to see some follow up reviews after systems have been in place for five years or more

  2. Jonathan Smith 3rd

    funny how all the reviews are so positive and all give 5 stars. Not one review gives any kind of constructive criticism. No review tells how the system works a few years after installation.Only verified purchasers should be allowed to review. Here it seems anyone can. All the products on this website have similar reviews. Makes you wonder whether to trust such a company.

  3. John c

    Staff couldn’t be more helpful.

  4. Sheena C

    Good price and fast delivery.

  5. Louise M

    Can’t fault the system or the service from Biocell. Would recommend!

  6. Iain Holt

    Very good service. The filterpods arrived very quickly and work perfectly.

  7. chrissy tancred

    Brillant product, we didn’t have a lot a space so the filterpod system was ideal for us.

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