Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems

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The Best Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems

We guarantee the most energy efficient and cost effective solution for your project. We carefully produce our domestic sewage treatment systems to the strictest standards. Systems are offered in steel reinforced precast concrete tanks and steel reinforced HDPE. Our concrete tanks come with a lifetime structural warranty. We offer a choice of low maintenance and maintenance free systems. We also offer a choice of low energy and zero energy systems. At Biocell, there is a solution to suit all budgets and site characteristics.

Why buy from us?

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  • Highest treatment standards*
  • Energy efficient [zero-energy non-electric or low energy]
  • Fully compliant with local regulations
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance or maintenance free
  • Dedicated after-sales support

*Certified by SR66 and EN-12566-3

About Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems

In the past, off mains drainage relied on septic tanks or cesspits/cesspools. Septic tanks have a very limited treatment efficiency (as low as 20%) and are no longer suitable as a standalone method. While cesspits/cesspools are effective for storing sewage, the regular requirement have them emptied is expensive and unsustainable. The most cost effective solution to this problem is a domestic sewage treatment plant.

Before a system can be installed, it has to meet the current standards and regulations for public health and environmental protection. Our domestic sewage treatment systems are rigorously tested to the strictest specifications and have the lowest environmental impact. The right system for you will depend on the specifications made by your architect or engineer. Once we know your project requirements we can recommend a suitable solution. We endeavor to match your requirements with the most cost effective option available to you.

Once you buy a system from us, your purchase is protected by a lifetime structural warranty. In addition to that, we provide a dedicated after sales support service.

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