Dissolved Air Flotation [DAF]

Our unique dissolved air flotation systems are an ideal method of industrial wastewater treatment. Our unique design is self cleaning, with no scrapers required for the flotation sludge. Low cost, fully automatic plug and play dissolved air flotation systems. A unique modular containerised design. an ideal method of wastewater treatment for your food processing factory.


Dissolved air flotation is a wastewater treatment process that clean wastewater by using compressed air saturation and subsequent release to remove suspended solids, oil and grease. Dissolved air flotation is a process used in many forms of wastewater treatment, in particular industrial wastewater treatment. A dissolved air flotation system is a highly effective treatment process that can reduce COD by up to 90%.

 DAFAll of our dissolved air flotation systems are completely containerised plug and play modules. Within a containerised DAF we supply automatic chemical pre-treatment stations to prepare the wastewater, pH neutralisation, the dissolved air flotation reactor, all equipment [side channel compressor, dosing pumps, sensors] and a control panel to control and regular the entire process.

Our dissolved air flotation systems use an advanced design. Unlike traditional dissolved air flotation systems that require mechanical scrapers for the separation of flotation sludge, our design is self cleaning, requiring no mechanical skimmers or motors. In addition to this, the cylindrical design ensures there are no dead zones – which are a common problem with traditional DAF systems. Finally, the air saturation and mixing procedure in the cylindrical DAF provides better chemical mixing which reduces chemical consumption.

Some typical applications for our dissolved air flotation plants include:

  • Bakery wastewater treatment
  • Brewery wastewater treatment
  • Distillery wastewater treatment
  • Abattoir wastewater treatment
  • Dairy wastewater treatment
  • Winery wastewater treatment
  • Anaerobic digestion plant wastewater treatment
  • Food processing wastewater treatment
  • Beverage wastewater treatment
  • Oily water treatment
  • Chocolate factory wastewater treatment

How to buy a dissolved air flotation factory wastewater treatment plant

If you are in the market for a dissolved air flotation [DAF] wastewater treatment plant, contact us for further information. Our technical sales team are happy to answer your questions and give free expert advice and free quotations.

Furthermore, we offer a range of wastewater treatment technologies to complement our dissolved air flotation wastewater treatment plants. These include mechanical screens and pre-treatment, biological treatment modules, SBR wastewater treatment plants, clarifiers and sludge management.

Once we know your project requirements, our experts can provide you with an instant quotation for a mobile containerised sewage treatment system for your work site or camp.

DAF sludge

Our container DAF wastewater plants have the following capacities and approvals:

  • Manufactured using only CE approved compaonents
  • All components manufactured in ISO accredited factory
  • All container plants factory tested pre-delivery
  • Can operate in temperature range: -15 to 50 °
  • CSC approval
  • Static approvals
  • DWA/ATV and VDE/VDI guidelines met

A sludge management sewage plant

Advantages of our transportable dissolved air flotation wastewater container plants are as follows;

  • The ability to operate with highly variable wastewater flows to the container plant
  • Low maintenance requirements compared to other dissolved air flotation systems with mechanical scrapers
  • Free onsite staff training
  • Easily increase the capacity of the DAF system by adding additional modules
  • Better chemical mixing
  • Systems supplied with chemical mixing stations as standard
  • Fully automatic operation of the dissolved air flotation systems
  • Short installation period as the dissolved air flotation plant comes fully pre-installed and only needs connection to the power supply
  • Replacement and spare parts interchangeable with local brands
  • The dissolved air flotation wastewater treatment plants are suitable for all temperatures with optional insulation
  • Decommissioning and re positioning of the DAF systems possible as they are containerised
  • All you need onsite for installation of the dissolved air flotation wastewater system is a level base
  • Low energy costs with our DAF system due to better mixing of chamicals
  • No noise as the entire wastewater container treatment plant is enclosed

So contact us today for an instant mobile container plant quotation

Our friendly team are happy to answer your questions and give free expert advice


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