Mechanical Screens / Pretreatment

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  • A complete range of mechanical screens for industrial wastewater pretreatment
  • Automatic coarse bar screens
  • Drum screens
  • Screw screens
  • Specialist compact screen units for the combined removal of sand, oil, grease, fibers and solids
  • Fully automatic operation with custom built control panels and sensors
  • Suitable for installation to existing onsite infrastructure including pump stations
  • Provision of all design drawings to facilitate channel construction for housing a screen
  • Manufactured using only CE approved components
  • All components manufactured in ISO accredited factory
  • DWA/ATV and VDE/VDI guidelines met
  • Complete turnkey industrial wastewater treatment plant and screen installation service
  • Contact us for information, advice or a free quotation and design proposal


Mechanical Screens for Wastewater Pretreatment

Biocell Water industrial wastewater treatment plants generally use mechanical screening as the first step in the wastewater treatment process (pretreatment). Mechanical screens remove larger solids from wastewater in order to protect the equipment in the treatment stages that follow. The type of screen most suitable for a particular application relates specifically to the size and type of solids in the wastewater. For example, sticky solids may require the use of a drum screen, while larger solids may just require a standard screw screen. We offer a complete range of mechanical screens, from automatic coarse bar screens, to drums screens and screw screens. We also offer specialist compact screen units that facilitate the combined removal of sand, oil, grease, fibers and solids all in a single process step. All of our mechanical screens are supplied by our German partner company ClearFox.

By comparison to many other mechanical pre treatment systems on the market, our mechanical screens have unique selling points and advantages. These include higher treatment efficiencies, triple seals to prevent any bypass of wastewater, and fully automatic operation with custom built control panels and sensors. Choosing the right screen is the first step for successful wastewater treatment and ensures the protection and continuous operation of the downstream assets. Our range of mechanical screens can be integrated into any existing onsite infrastructure, and they can even be installed within existing pump stations.

We can provide a suitable mechanical screen to successfully remove the following materials from industrial wastewater types:

  • Removal of large solids from wastewater [large food pieces or grit/stones]
  • Removal of fibers from industrial wastewater [typical in pulps]
  • Removal of fine solids from wastewater [sand, small food particles]
  • Removal of fat and grease from wastewater
  • Combination removal of fat, oil, grease, sand, solids and fibres from wastewater [see CSU video below]

Applications for Mechanical Screens

  • Bakery wastewater treatment
  • Pasta processing and manufacturing
  • Distillery wastewater treatment
  • Potato chip/crisps factories
  • Slaughter houses/abattoirs/meat processing plants
  • Grit removal
  • Vegetable processing
  • Industrial solid separation
  • Any type of processing that produces wastewater with solids

Mechanical Screen Capacities and Approvals:

  • Manufactured using only CE approved components
  • Punched hole or bar
  • 304 or 316 SS options
  • All components manufactured in ISO accredited factory
  • Can operate in temperature range: -15 to 50 °
  • CSC approval
  • Static approvals
  • DWA/ATV and VDE/VDI guidelines met
  • 1l/sec to 500l/sec flowrate options
  • 1mm to 6mm screen size options

Advantages of our Screens;

Installation – we manufacture mechanical screens to suit site specific conditions for integration within any existing infrastructure onsite. Alternatively, for new projects we provide all detailed design drawings to facilitate channel construction for screen housing. When we supply a wastewater screen as part of an industrial wastewater treatment plant the screen can be mounted or built into the containerized system. We also supply a complete turnkey industrial wastewater treatment plant and screen installation service with our site installation team.

Operation – all mechanical screens we supply are fully automatic in operation [unlike the semi automatic competitor products]. We can manufacture a control panel and sensor equipment specifically for a standalone screen, or we can implement the screen operation into an existing industrial wastewater treatment plant control panel.

Maintenance – we manufacture all of our screen using hard wearing materials to reduce maintenance requirements. However, for the replacement of any brushes, wear bars or other parts, we have a service team available for callouts throughout the UK and Ireland. All parts are also stocked in Germany and can be delivered in 24hrs by air freight. Screens can be supplied with an overflow as standard to ensure continuous wastewater flow even during shutdown.

How to Select or Buy a Mechanical Screen

Get in touch if you would like to know more about a mechanical screen for an industrial wastewater treatment plant or for factory or process effluent. A member of our technical sales team can provide you with extra information or answer any further questions you may have. Once we know your project requirements, our experts will provide you with a free quotation and free design proposal.

Typical information we require in order to assist with the selection of an appropriate screen is as follows:

  • Daily wastewater flow
  • Peak flowrate
  • General description of wastewater type or industry
  • General description of expected solids/particles/fibres in the industrial wastewater

Furthermore, we offer a range of complete turnkey industrial wastewater treatment technologies suitable for treating process effluent or for use in conjunction with a mechanical screen. These include dissolved air flotation, pre-treatment, biological treatment modules, SBR wastewater treatment plants, clarifiers and sludge management.

Demonstration of combination removal:

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