Wastewater Treatment Consultancy

Our engineers have extensive experience having worked on projects involving almost every type of wastewater treatment application. Our consultancy services include;

  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting existing wastewater treatment plants – small and large scale
  • Design of new wastewater treatment solutions
  • Design of upgrade of wastewater treatment plants
  • Design of tertiary treatment systems for expanding existing sewage treatment plants
  • Ground water and surface water quality impact assessments from sewage treatment discharges
  • Discharge license applications

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License Compliance

Understandably, there has been increased emphasis on effluent standards for wastewater treatment plants across the globe. Treatment systems need to achieve higher effluent standards in order to meet more demanding license requirements.

Large and industrial wastewater treatment plants are now subject to strict discharge licenses and consents. More often than not, these consents can impose monitoring requirements, high effluent standards and daily discharge limits.

We design bespoke solutions using the best available technologies to ensure full compliance with effluent standards and discharge limits. Contact us about license compliance.

Site Visits to Determine Constraints

For new installations, our engineers conduct site visits to examine the topography, spatial limitations and site access. We follow this up with a detailed analysis of discharge license documentation.

Once the data from the site and the discharge requirements are analysed, we prepare a design proposal for a suitable wastewater treatment system. We can guarantee that it will meet every single requirement in the consent or discharge license. Contact us about site visits.

Testing with Pilot Scale Systems

Where the wastewater characteristics and treatment efficiency of any specific technology is unknown, we design and install a pilot scale system. A pilot scale system provides a means of assessing the suitability of any specific technology to a particular application.

A pilot scale treatment plant is a low cost solution to determine the most effective treatment technologies for an application. After determining the best method to treat the onsite wastewater, we manufacture and install a full scale treatment plant. Contact us about pilot scale systems.

Consultancy for Existing Wastewater Treatment Systems

Our consultancy services extend to assessment and troubleshooting existing wastewater treatment systems and technology. Technologies in which we can provide specialist technical advice on include the following;

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