Hotel Wastewater Treatment

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  • Hotel and guest house sewage treatment plants
  • Bespoke solutions for any size accommodation and catering facility
  • New installations and upgrade of existing systems
  • Low energy and non electric systems available
  • Market leading effluent standards
  • Advanced treatment process
  • 40 year tank warranty
  • Reinforced precast concrete systems
  • Suitable for location in trafficked areas or restricted sites
  • Nationwide supply and installation
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Hotel Wastewater Treatment Systems

Biocell Water offer bespoke packaged hotel wastewater treatment plants for any type and size hotel or guest house. We design and supply treatment systems for new hotels or can upgrade existing or failing hotel septic systems or cesspits. Upgrading will increase the capacity of a system and improve the quality of the discharge. Our hotel wastewater solutions guarantee full compliance with the license conditions set down by the EA and EPA. We provide multiple configurations to suit space requirements even where there may be site restrictions or limitations.

Hotel Wastewater Treatment Requirements

Specific issues faced by the hotel sector include elevated amounts of fats, oils and grease [FOG] in the wastewater as a result of onsite catering. High FOG levels can significantly increase chemical oxygen demand [COD]. The often results in failure to meet the limit values for ammonia in the final effluent. Therefore kitchen wastewater must be accounted for with any treatment plant design. In addition to complete turn-key solutions, we also offer add-on solutions specifically tailored for removing fats, oils, grease, ammonia and COD in hotel wastewater.
For hotels that have swimming pools and leisure facilities, water consumption will increase at peak times. Overloading at peak times will increase levels of BOD, Ammonia and suspended solids. This can cause compliance issues with the environment agency discharge consent. We manage this in our wastewater treatment plants by controlling and equalizing all of the peak flows. This is the only method to ensure that a wastewater treatment plant is not overloaded at peak times and remains in compliance with the discharge license.

Why Choose Biocell Water for Hotel Wastewater Treatment?

Biocell Water has extensive experience providing bespoke commercial wastewater treatment plants for the hotel sector. The design of a wastewater treatment system for a hotel should accommodate highly variable wastewater flows and loadings during big events such as conferences and weddings. In addition to this, it should be capable of effectively treating very concentrated wastewater containing phosphates, surfactants and FOGs [fats, oils and grease] produced by onsite catering facilities and laundries. Our expert team of engineers design each treatment system to the exact treatment requirements of the client, otherwise the correct effluent standards could not be achieved. Our hotel sewage treatment plants continue to excel for this reason and others such as;

  • 40 year warranty on the tank
  • 60% less power consumption than other systems
  • Ability to deal with variable and shock loadings
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Long desludging intervals
  • No moving parts in the tank for simple maintenance

Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants for the Hospitality Sector

Save Money on Operation, Maintenance and Installation

Operational and maintenance costs after purchasing a hotel or guest house sewage treatment plant are considerably lower when the system is highly efficient. Biocell SBR wastewater treatment process uses patented SBR technology to clean the hotel sewage to industry leading standards. The SBR process technology is particularly effective for applications that produce concentrated and highly variable flows of wastewater, ideally suited to hotels and guest houses. This advanced treatment technology uses 60% less electricity compared to standard systems. If long term running costs are a concern we provide the option of non electric sewage treatment plants with the lowest operational costs on the market.

Our typical commercial sewage system design structure includes large primary settlement tanks for extra long desludging intervals. For maintenance purposes, we have kept things very simple – there are no mechanical parts inside the tank and all separate components are interchangeable with alternative brands. This means that any local company can carry out maintenance. As part of our services, we like to offer our clients optional value for money maintenance packages. This is to ensure the longevity and optimum performance of our sewage treatment products.


Non electric and SBR technology result in low operational and running costs but installing a Biocell concrete commercial system will result in equally low installation costs. Unlike large commercial plastic tanks, our concrete tanks do not require a concrete surround which eliminates the need for costly civil works at your hotel. Another cost effective option for low installation costs is an above ground containerised wastewater treatment plant. This is a versatile modular wastewater treatment solution. Modular basically means that you can expand the system for an extension or a new hotel building in the future. It is a complete packaged plant, with the entire treatment process completed inside – an ideal solution where there are site restrictions.

Guest House Sewage System Guarantee and Warranty

When purchasing a commercial septic system for your guest house or hotel, the guarantee is worth taking note of. Biocell commercial concrete hotel sewage systems come with a 40 year structural warranty and guarantee. No other manufacturer offers an equivalent warranty. Plastic and GRP tank manufacturers provide a short 10-15 year guarantee which is void unless specialist installation works are carried out by industry professionals. Biocell Water are the only manufacturer offering a guarantee that our wastewater treatment plants will not need replacing or removal after 10-15 years due to structural failure or deformation.

How to buy a Hotel Sewage Treatment System

Get in touch to speak with member of the technical sales team. Once we know your site specifications and treatment requirements we can provide a no obligation quotation. If you have any questions relating to wastewater treatment for a hotel or would like to enquire about prices we are happy to help.  If installing an entirely new system is not an option for your hotel, we can simply retrofit Biocell SBR equipment within an existing septic tank. This offers a simple way of upgrading an existing wastewater treatment system in a hotel or guest house to full functionality.

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    Biocell worked with us to get our old septic system back in order with a new kit and we didn’t lose any business they had it sorted so quickly.

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    Needed to upgrade the entire system, friend recommended, really pleased with the overall service and system itself. Seemingly best on market, so far so good?

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