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Bespoke packaged hotel sewage treatment plants for the hospitality sector. Low cost solutions supplied and installed nationwide. Electric and non electric systems available. Market leading effluent standards combined with an advanced treatment process specifically designed for hotels. Reliable and robust commercial sewage systems with a 40 year warranty on the tank. Reinforced precast concrete tanks which can be located in trafficked areas. Contact one of our friendly team today for an instant quotation for your project. We are here to answer any questions you may have and give free expert advice.


Hotel Wastewater Treatment Systems

Biocell Water offers low cost, bespoke packaged hotel wastewater treatment plants and pumping solutions for any type of hotel and guest house within the hospitality sector. Hotel sewage treatment plants can be installed for both new developments and to upgrade or increase the capacity of existing septic systems. Where a hotel wastewater treatment plant is licensed and monitored by the environment agency, our wastewater solutions guarantee full compliance with license conditions. Our systems come with industry leading 40 year structural warranty and guarantees.

Hotel sewage treatment plants are available for above or below ground installation, and multiple configurations can be supplied to suit any space requirements. Where there are existing tanks onsite, we can also offer SBR equipment kits that can be used to upgrade an existing hotel septic system or hotel cesspit.

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Why Choose Biocell Water for your Hotel Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Biocell Water has extensive experience providing bespoke commercial hotel wastewater treatment plants to the hospitality sector. Hotel wastewater treatment plants need to be designed taking into consideration the highly variable flows and loadings from events such as conferences and weddings. In addition to this, onsite catering and laundries can produce very concentrated wastewater containing phosphates, surfactants and FOGs [fats, oils and grease]. Failure to design a packaged sewage plant to take these factors into consideration can result in a plant not achieving required effluent standards. This will not happen with a Biocell packaged wastewater treatment plant – as our engineers take the time to design each system for a customers individual needs. The advantages of our hotel sewage treatment plants and septic tank upgrade systems are as follows;

  • 40 year warranty on the tank
  • 60% less power consumption than other systems
  • Ability to deal with variable and shock loadings
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Long desludging intervals
  • No moving parts in the tank for simple maintenance.

In addition to our standard packaged wastewater treatment plants, we also offer non electric commercial hotel wastewater treatment plants.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Guarantee and Warranty

If you are purchasing a hotel wastewater treatment plant, the sewage treatment system guarantee is of major importance. Biocell Commercial hotel wastewater treatment plants come with a 40 year structural warranty and guarantee. No other supplier offers an equivalent warranty. Plastic and GRP tank manufacturers only provide a 10-15 year guarantee, which is only valid where specialist installers are employed. If you are purchasing a commercial sewage treatment system – make sure it is a Biocell plant with a warranty four times longer than our competitors. Biocell Water are the only manufacturer that can offer a guarantee that our wastewater treatment plants will not need to be replaced or removed after 10-15 years due to structural failure or deformation.

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Operation, Maintenance and Installation Cost Savings

In addition to the initial purchase of the hotel waste water treatment plant, there are operation and maintenance costs that need to be considered. The wastewater treatment process employed by Biocell uses a patented SBR technology to treat the wastewater. The SBR technology has been specifically developed for applications that produce highly variable flows of wastewater that can overload standard sewage treatment plants. SBR equipment can also very easily be installed within existing tanks, offering a simple way of upgrading failing commercial septic tanks. Some further information on the SBR process can be see here. The operation and maintenance savings associated with the Biocell SBR systems for hotels are due to the following;

  • 60% less electricity use compared to standard systems
  • Large primary settlement tanks offer extended desludging intervals
  • No moving parts within the tank for simple maintenance
  • All components are interchangeable with alternative brands
  • No maintenance restrictions – local companies can be used

In addition to the ongoing operation and maintenance cost savings, there are also major cost savings with the installation of our concrete sewage treatment plants. Unlike large commercial plastic tanks that require a concrete base and a  full concrete surround, our concrete hotel sewage treatment plants and septic tanks do not require a concrete surround. This can equate to significant civil works and installation cost savings.

Contact one of our friendly team today for an instant quotation for your project. We are here to answer any questions you may have and give free expert advice.

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