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Work Camp Wastewater Treatment

  • Mobile and modular containerised wastewater treatment solutions
  • From 60 – 5,000 person capacity
  • Conforms to international standards
  • Meets any effluent quality target
  • Available to rent or buy
  • Finance options available
  • Worldwide delivery service
  • Plug and play
  • Suitable for wide range of applications
    • temporary accommodation
    • construction sites
    • drilling rigs
    • remote work camps
    • offshore facilities
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Biocell containerized wastewater treatment plants offer a perfect solution for temporary or mobile wastewater treatment applications. In remote locations where there is no existing sewer infrastructure then mobile containerised wastewater treatment systems  represent the best solution for wastewater treatment. As they are containerised, they are mobile wastewater treatment solutions that can be relocated to a new site or re-positioned on an existing site as the need arises. This makes them particularly suitable for applications such as worker camps, drilling rigs and military camps.

Biocell containerised wastewater treatment plants are totally plug and play solutions, with all of the components preinstalled within ISO sea containers. A typical containerised mobile wastewater treatment plant contains a primary settlement zone, a buffer tank, a fixed bed biological treatment zone followed by a final clarifier. The systems are delivered to site ready for immediate use. The systems are also extremely robust and reliable with fully automatic operation.

We have a complete range of off the shelf containerised wastewater treatment solutions for camps. All of our systems meet international standards with regard to safety, quality and effluent discharge. We can also offer add on modules to disinfect the wastewater allowing it to be reused for irrigation. For larger applications we can also offer membrane ultra filtration and reverse osmosis systems to produce potable water from the recycled wastewater. These add on containerized filtration units are also mobile and portable.

mobile containerized sewage treatment

Some typical applications for container plants include:

  • Mobile worker camps – oil drilling rigs in remote areas
  • Temporary accommodation sites
  • Construction sites in remote areas
  • Sites with spatial constraints as containers are stackable
  • Refugee camps
  • Military camps
  • Offshore facilities
  • Motorway or major construction projects

How to buy a portable containerised wastewater treatment plant

If you are in the market for a mobile or portable containerised wastewater treatment plant, contact us for further information. Our technical sales team are happy to answer your questions and give free expert advice and free quotations.

Furthermore, we offer wastewater treatment plant rental for some of our models. We also offer finance options so that our clients can have a greater degree of flexibility in their choice.

Once we know your project requirements, our experts can provide you with an instant quotation for a mobile containerised sewage treatment system for your work site or camp.

industrial wastewater treatment

Our container plants have the following capacities and approvals:

  • Manufactured using only CE approved compaonents
  • All components manufactured in ISO accredited factory
  • All container plants factory tested pre-delivery
  • Can operate in temperature range: -15 to 50 °
  • CSC approval
  • Static approvals
  • DWA/ATV and VDE/VDI guidelines met

A sludge management sewage plant

How do container plants work?

For smaller containerised sewage treatment systems and containerised wastewater treatment plants, we preinstall all processes inside a single ISO container. The complete process includes primary, buffer, biological treatment and final clarification. These sewage treatment container plants are a fully automatic solution delivered to site ready for use. This makes them ideal for military camps, mobile and temporary applications, work camps and construction sites.

Screening – For smaller applications a manual screen can be supplied with the container plant. These screens prevent large solids and inorganics from entering the wastewater treatment plant, For larger applications, a mechanical screen can be supplied to deal with larger flowrates. These mechanical screw screens are normally mounted on the containerised wastewater treatment plant.

Buffering – A buffer tank is normally incorporated into the design. The buffer tank served to equalise the incoming flows of wastewater to the mobile wastewater treatment plant. This prevent the system becoming overloaded during periods of peak wastewater flow.

Biological treatment – During this biological stage, biomass develops within the systems and degrades contaminants within the wastewater. Our container plants operate based on the fixed bed process. The fixed bed process for containerised wastewater treatment plants is superior to SBR, membrane, MBBR and other technologies. It is fare more robust and reliable, and provides a very safe and efficient method of wastewater treatment.

Clarification – High flow capacity final clarification of the effluent is via the use of lamella separators built into the portable wastewater containers. These provide a final degree of treatment prior to effluent discharge, with optional disinfection after this.

container wastewater system

Advantages of our transportable wastewater container plants are as follows;

  • The ability to operate with high and low wastewater flows to the container plant
  • Low maintenance requirements with free onsite staff training
  • Easily increase the capacity of the containerized work camp wastewater treatment plant by adding more modules
  • Fully automatic operation of the portable wastewater treatment systems
  • Short installation period as the plant comes fully pre-installed and only needs connecting to the power grid
  • Replacement and spare parts interchangeable with local brands
  • The container wastewater treatment plants are suitable for all temperatures with optional insulation
  • Decommissioning and re positioning of the mobile sewage treatment system within a very short time frame for quick installation
  • All you need onsite for installation of the containerised wastewater system is a level base
  • Low energy costs because of the built-in energy saving mode
  • No noise as the entire wastewater container treatment plant is enclosed
  • And finally, low costs for scheduling and construction

So contact us today for an instant mobile container plant quotation

Our friendly team are happy to answer your questions and give free expert advice


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