Nursing Home and Care Home Wastewater Treatment

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Nursing Home and Care Home Wastewater Treatment

Biocell Water is a leading provider of nursing home wastewater treatment and care home wastewater treatment solutions. Wastewater treatment in the healthcare sector requires specialist input at design stage. This is due to the unique characteristics of the wastewater and the requirements of strict discharge licensing. Our commercial SBR wastewater treatment process is a tried and tested solution for the healthcare sector. It is ideal for managing wastewater from care homes, nursing homes and healthcare facilities containing elevated concentrations of medicines and antibiotics. In addition, our systems can operate in emergency circumstances such as power outages. This ensures trouble free operation and peace of mind at all times for clientele and staff.

There are a number of unique challenges associated with nursing home wastewater treatment such as high water consumption due to cleaning processes and back washing to prevent legionella. Also, the extensive use of disinfectants presents a challenge to any biological wastewater treatment system. Specific biological process technologies need to be selected to comply with environment agency discharge limits. In addition to providing specialist nursing home and care home wastewater treatment solutions, we also supply add-on modules to any existing wastewater treatment plant. These modules can be suitable where a nursing home wastewater treatment plant is failing to comply with the discharge limits for a specific parameter such as BOD or ammonia. A process guarantee is given with any solution we offer.

Hospital and Health Sector Sewage Treatment Solutions

We have a strong track record in supplying and installing innovative wastewater treatment solutions across the healthcare sector. Our recent case studies include the supply of a packaged tertiary sewage treatment system for a nursing home and a 15000L raw sewage pump station with 24hr storage for a care home. Healthcare wastewater treatment requires a high quality treatment system with built in redundancy to cater for any eventuality. You can rest assured that through such extensive experience we can design and supply the best sewage treatment plant solution for a hospital or healthcare premises. All of our products are CE approved and meet local authority rules and regulations. Furthermore, any effluent standard can be reached. Our nursing home and hospital wastewater treatment plants exceed the market competition in more ways than one;

  • Industry leading 40 year warranty on the tank
  • Industry leading low power consumption  – 60% less
  • Ability to deal with variable and shock loading’s and medicine in wastewater
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Longest desludging intervals
  • No moving parts in the tank for simple maintenance

Commercial Healthcare Sewage Treatment Plants

Save Money on Operation, Maintenance and Installation

Consider the costs beyond the initial purchase price of any nursing home or hospital wastewater treatment plant.  These operational and maintenance costs will be much lower if the system is highly efficient. Biocell’s SBR wastewater treatment process utilises highly efficient patented SBR technology to clean the wastewater to industry leading standards. The SBR process technology is particularly effective for applications, like hospitals, producing highly variable flows of wastewater.

This advanced treatment technology uses 60% less power consumption compared to standard systems. If energy usage is the primary concern, we provide a range of commercial non electric sewage treatment plants for the lowest operational costs on the market.

Our typical design structure involves large primary settlement tanks for extended desludging intervals. When it comes to maintenance, we have kept it very simple. There are no moving parts within the tank and all components are interchangeable with alternative brands. This means that there are no maintenance restrictions – any local company can carry out maintenance. However, we do offer value for money maintenance packages with all our systems to keep things in top working order for your nursing home.


Aside from ongoing operation and maintenance costs savings, there are considerable installation cost savings with a concrete commercial system. This can equate to significant savings on civil works because unlike large commercial plastic tanks, our concrete sewage treatment plants for hospitals do not require a concrete surround. Another economical option we offer is an above ground containerised wastewater treatment plant. This is a versatile and cost effective modular wastewater treatment solution. Modular means you expand the system easily if needed in the future for a  new nursing home extension or a new hospital building for example.

Care Home Sewage System Guarantee and Warranty

When purchasing a commercial septic system for a hospital, care home or nursing home, the guarantee will reveal a lot about the longevity of the system. Biocell commercial concrete hospital and nursing home wastewater treatment plants come with a 40 year structural warranty and guarantee. No other manufacturer offers an equivalent warranty. Plastic and GRP tank manufacturers only provide a 10-15 year guarantee which is only valid with specialist installation works. Biocell Water are the only manufacturer offering a guarantee that our wastewater treatment plants will not need replacing or removal after 10-15 years due to structural failure or deformation.

How to buy a Commercial Healthcare Sewage Treatment System

Get in touch to speak with member of the technical sales team. If you have any questions relating to hospital wastewater treatment or wastewater treatment for a nursing home, we are happy to help. Once we know your site specifications and treatment requirements we can provide a free, no obligation quotation. If installing an entirely new system is not an option, we can simply retrofit Biocell SBR equipment within existing tanks. This offers a simple way of upgrading an existing nursing home wastewater treatment system to full functionality.

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