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Municipal Containerised SAF

Containerised modular SAF wastewater treatment plants for municipal wastewater and sewage treatment. Suitable for new wastewater treatment plants or upgrades of sewage treatment plants for towns and villages. Independently tested and certified solutions. Modular and mobile wastewater treatment solutions. Lower CAPEX and OPEX than any other SAF plant on the market. Available to rent or buy.


Modular SAF units or containerised SAF wastewater treatment systems represent a versatile method of wastewater treatment for municipal applications. The modular, containerised SAF plant is a safe and reliable wastewater treatment solution capable of dealing with high and low strength wastewaters. The containerised SAF plant is one of the only containerised SAF units on the market that has been independently tested to prove it performance at PIA GmbH in Aachen Germany [an independent notified test facility]. A single compact containerised SAF module can degrade 100kg COD, 40kg BOD and 6KG NH4N per day. Higher treatment efficiencies are also possible depending on feedwater characteristics. The only pre-treatment required in advance of a modular SAF is mechanical screening. The SAF modules can also be utilised in conjunction with our other containerised wastewater treatment plant models to provide turnkey wastewater treatment solutions.

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The containerised and modular SAF units are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and undergo factory acceptance tests prior to dispatch to site. Offsite manufacturing of containerised wastewater treatment SAF modules minimises risk and is a safer solution than complex onsite wastewater and sewerage construction. Containerised SAF plants are fixed cost, with minimal civils or site works required. Modular SAF plants therefore represent a far more cost effective solution for county councils, water authorities and local authorities for municipal wastewater treatment.

Some typical applications for our containerised SAF sewage treatment plants include;

  • Upgrade of municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • New wastewater treatment plants for towns or villages
  • Temporary wastewater treatment during main plant shutdown
  • Bypass wastewater treatment solutions
  • Capacity increase for an existing wastewater treatment plant

Containerised SAF wastewater treatment plants are  designed and manufactured to international standards and have global reference projects for the technology we use. There are no restrictions when it comes to the wastewater type or the target effluent quality we can achieve with our containerised modular SAF plants.

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How to Buy a Containerised SAF Modular Treatment System

Contact us for a rapid price for rental or purchase of a containerised SAF module for your application.  In order to provide you with an instant quotation all we require is the following basic data:

  • Wastewater volume [m3/hr or m3/day]
  • Wastewater type
  • Required effluent standard
  • Basic information on existing wastewater infrastructure [if any]

We can provide you with an instant quotation once we know your project requirements.

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Solutions for A Range of Municipal Applications

Containerised wastewater treatment modules are a recognised method of providing fast, reliable and effective wastewater treatment. They achieve a capex than constructing a wastewater treatment plant onsite using traditional civil engineering methods. Containerised SAF modules are flexible wastewater and sewage treatment solutions that can be applied to a number of project types.

The wastewater analysis system

Capacity increase at existing wastewater treatment plant – Mobile containerised SAF plants can be utilised to increase the treatment capacity of an existing wastewater treatment plant. The can also be added upstream of an existing sewage treatment plant to achieve a higher effluent standard where stricter compliance limits are being imposed. this means a fast solution can be mobilised and installed onsite to deal with any wastewater treatment requirements.

Wastewater treatment plant upgrade – Many existing wastewater treatment plants are currently overloaded and require upgrades to allow them to deal with extra hydraulic and organic loads they are receiving. The conventional upgrade route requires major civil works, large footprints and a long timeframe. In contract, the use of a  containerised SAF plant allows for the simple installation of wastewater treatment modules to increase the capacity. Rapid mobilisation in addition to small footprint make containerised wastewater treatment plants the ideal solution for these municipal wastewater treatment system upgrades.

Bypass wastewater treatment – Temporary construction works on existing live sewage infrastructure can result in complications requiring the sewage and wastewater to be diverted and treated while construction work is ongoing. The use of temporary mobile SAF plants either purchased on leased offers a method for water utilities and contractors to provide a method of wastewater treatment while aeration basis are isolated for construction activities.

Complete wastewater treatment plant upgrade  – For remote villages and communities where there is no existing wastewater treatment infrastructure, we can supply complete packaged decentralized wastewater treatment solutions. These can be used to provide towns and villages with a complete wastewater treatment solution incorporating headworks, screening, biological treatment, denitrification, phosphorous reduction, clarification and disinfection. Bespoke containerised solutions can be designed for and volumetric flowrate of effluent standard.

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Advantages of Our Containerise SAF

Our containerized modular SAF units have advantages over other competitor technologies. A short summary of these advantages are listed below.

  • Fixed bed process used instead of moving bed [MBBR] process
  • Longer sludge age than MBBR
  • Lower power consumption than other SAF types due to the use of fixed bed media [so no high energy costs for mixing of MBBR media as with other SAF plants]
  • Suitable for use with variable wastewater flows
  • Suitable for use with variable watewater concentrations
  • Rapid system startup
  • Modular system can easily be expanded
  • Mobile wastewater treatment – easily relocated onsite or even moved to a new site
  • Low CAPEX
  • Available to rent or purchase

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