Wastewater Treatment for Gas Stations/Service Stations

Biocell Water have extensive experience working with major motorway service station brands, including Applegreen, Circle K and the Plaza Group (Supermacs).

Our engineered solutions target specific areas of concern including variable flows, high ammonia content and FOG. We can provide modules to add to existing treatment systems to target parameters such as phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia, BOD and suspended solids. Our add-on modules create significant cost savings with minimum interruption to business.

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It is a common issue for wastewater treatment plants at motorway service stations to be undersized or overloaded due to increasing traffic, greater numbers of visitors or expansion of the facilities. Additionally, stricter regulations on discharge licensing by the EA may warrant an upgrade to an existing treatment plant to meet new higher effluent standards. Biocell Water can help identify the areas of concern and make recommendations for the best course of action.

We provide bespoke wastewater treatment solutions to suit any available space, above ground or below ground, and to any effluent standards. Where there is a compliance issue with the environment agency due to a breach of a discharge license or permit, we can offer an upgrade to ensure full compliance.

Wastewater Characteristics

A combination of the use of kitchen, cleaning and washroom facilities produce the wastewater at a filling or gas station. It is characterized by highly variable flows, high ammonia content and high FOG content due to catering and food prep. There are various tried and tested methods for treating service station wastewater – the most suitable will depend on the unique requirements of the project itself. Biocell Water will engineer a solution to meet the exact project requirements.

In addition to consent standards, site requirements and limitations must be taken into consideration prior to supply and commission of a new treatment plant for a gas station. Factors such as access, land space, gradient, the presence and location of drains, sludge management, and health and safety risks will be assessed by Biocell Water prior to engineering a solution.

Biocell Water have a proven track record in providing low cost, reliable sewage treatment plants for service stations using the latest developments in commercial wastewater treatment such as SBR process technology. This technology operates on a project specific pre-programmed treatment sequence, which is ideal for applications with variable flows, high ammonia content and high FOG.

Upgrading Filling Station Sewage Treatment Systems

While upgrading an existing wastewater treatment plant at a filling station it is often necessary to continue effluent treatment during the installation works. Biocell Water can provide an on-site temporary wastewater treatment plant to allow the service station to continue operating without disruption to business. Once the temporary plant is operational, installation of the new treatment plant and decommissioning of the old plant in part or in full can commence.

To reduce capital expenditure, part of the existing equipment can be incorporated into the new treatment plant where possible. Biocell Water can provide specific add on modules to target certain parameters, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia, BOD and suspended solids. These modules can be added onto an existing wastewater treatment plant creating significant cost savings.

Other treatment processes commonly used for motorway service station waste water include screening, buffering, SBR, DAF, settlement, and sludge treatment.

Enquire about a Solution

Get in touch to speak with a member of technical sales about wastewater treatment for filling stations/gas stations. We can make recommendations on the ideal commercial wastewater treatment solution for your project and give a free quotation once we have established your particular requirements. Our solutions always demonstrate their superiority to the market competition on quality, reliability, energy use and effluent quality. Our solutions are independently tested and certified and meet the regulatory local and national standards. We have extensive experience working with some major motorway service station brands, including Applegreen, Circle K and the Plaza Group (Supermacs).

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