Biocell Commercial ECO Range

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  • Suitable for export in 20ft and 40ft containers
  • Reinforced elite grade polypropylene tanks
  • Robust system with low energy consumption
  • Specialist commercial design features as standard
  • Pumped and gravity discharge models available
  • Simple installation
  • Meets EN12566-3 standard
  • Alarm panel as standard
  • No moving parts within the tank
  • Systems from 300 to 900 persons
  • Container transport for export
  • Trade prices
  • Quick turn around times
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Contact us for information, advice or a free quotation


Commercial ECO Sewage Treatment Plants

Biocell Water has developed a range of low energy, high efficiency wastewater treatment plants for commercial applications. The commercial ECO range of systems has been designed specifically to deal with peak flows, variable loadings and high strength wastewater associated with the following type of applications:

  • Caravan park wastewater treatment
  • School wastewater treatment
  • Restaurants/pub wastewater treatment
  • Hotel wastewater treatment
  • Nursing home wastewater treatment
  • Housing development wastewater treatment
  • Golf course wastewater treatment
  • And many more commercial applications

Suitable for the upgrade and replacement of existing failing commercial sewage treatment plants, or for installation to serve new projects and developments.

We design bespoke sewage treatment solutions based on your specific project and the wastewater it generates. By designing and selecting the best commercial sewage treatment system for your individual project, you are guaranteed that the system will achieve the treatment level to comply with your discharge license. In addition, our ECO range of solutions are designed to consume less electricity than conventional systems, with no moving parts submerged within the tank. The end result is a properly designed solution with effluent standard guarantees, combined with the lowest operation and maintenance costs on the market. The Biocell ECO range of solutions can be installed in place of a failing commercial septic systems in order to comply with the UK 2020 septic tank regulations. It is permitted to have a direct discharge to a watercourse or stream with our systems.

Our Biocell ECO wastewater treatment plants are rectangular in shape so they are easily loaded into containers for export.

Why buy a Biocell ECO Range Commercial Sewage System?

Traditional wastewater treatment plants are only designed to deal with normal strength wastewater with small peaks in flow. The majority of commercial applications produce high strength wastewater [high COD and BOD], with the potential for very high peak flows. These conditions result in an inability to produce the required wastewater treatment standard to meet EN12566-3 and British Water requirements for a direct stream discharge. It also means that sewage treatment plants consume huge amounts of electricity as they need to increase the aeration and recycle rates to try and break down the sewage.

Biocell ECO range commercial sewage treatment systems have a number of design features which make them suitable for commercial applications. These design features depend on the specific model and application, but include the following:

  • Multi stage primary settlement zones: This multi stage primary settlement zone produces high efficiency capture of suspended solids. It also traps any small amounts of fat, oil or grease which may have passed through the grease trap. The majority of commercial sewage systems on the market only have a single stage primary zone, making them unsuitable for commercial application.
  • Equalisation capacity: Biocell ECO range commercial wastewater treatment plants have sufficient inbuilt capacity to facilitate buffering and equalization of peak flows. This means extreme peak flows do not impact on the treatment process causing system failure.
  • Multi stage biological treatment zones: Commercial wastewater typically has a much higher concentration of BOD, TSS and COD. Single stage biological treatment is typically inadequate. Our multi stage biological treatment allows different types of bacteria to develop within the different zones, thereby effectively treating the full spectrum of contaminants in the wastewater.
  • Attached growth FBR technology: We utilise a fixed bed attached growth technology. The fixed bed process permits the development of a very thick and mature biological population [biomass]. This dense biomass is highly adaptable at dealing with high strength and variable wastewater flows. Also – as the biomass is attached to specialist plastic surfaces, any peak flows do not force the bacteria to wash through the system in the discharge water. This washout of bacteria during peak flows is a common issue with normal activated sludge plants.
  • Automatic recycle: Biocell commercial eco range wastewater treatment plants have an integrated recycle built into the process technology. This means that even during periods of low usage, wastewater is continuously recycled through the wastewater treatment plant. This keeps the biomass [biological population] alive even during low flow periods. Thereby ensuring that the system is always ready to deal with intermittent high flows without any compromise in effluent quality.

Commercial Eco Range Advantages

In addition to these special design features mentioned above, the Biocell ECO range of commercial sewage treatment systems have the following advantages:

  • Long desludging intervals – with optional extra primary storage volume
  • Unrivaled experience
  • Low running costs
  • No odour
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Independently tested and approved
  • Nationwide customer support and service teams

For builders, installers and industry professionals, there is the added bonus of a trade discount. Quick and easy installation is key in our systems design. For that reason, we have kept things simple and built all components inside so it is plug and play.

  • Trade discounts
  • Bespoke design
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Short lead-in times
  • Trouble free systems for satisfied customers

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Design Considerations

Every commercial wastewater treatment application has its unique challenges. These require specialist input and advice at design stage. Failure to consider all project particulars correctly can result in installing the wrong wastewater treatment plant. Our in house environmental engineers have extensive experience across a broad range of project sizes from small rural pubs and restaurants, to major hotels and power plants. So regardless of your project type – we can provide expert assistance at no cost.

The following is a short explanation of typical design considerations that need to be taken into consideration with any commercial eco wastewater treatment plant design:

  • Wastewater strength: Normal domestic wastewater from a single house will have a BOD of approximately 300mg/l and a COD of approximately 500mg/l. In contract, many commercial applications have a BOD of >700mg/l and a COD of >1000mg/l. So designing a commercial wastewater treatment plant on normal domestic standards can result in a wastewater treatment plant being installed that is up to 50% too small.
  • Peak flows: In a domestic house, you have small peaks of wastewater flow in the morning and the evening. In contrast, with a commercial application there can be major peaks. These can be associated with events such as a wedding/conference at a hotel, or other similar event. These events can result in huge peak loads to a wastewater treatment plant. This needs to be considered at design stage to ensure that these events will not result in wastewater treatment plant failure.
  • Inorganics: Many commercial applications have facilities that provide public access to toilets. In these instances there is a high risk of inorganic items [sanitary items, baby wipes, etc] entering the wastewater treatment plant. These items are not permitted to enter a wastewater treatment plant, but when there is public unrestricted access to facilities it is difficult to control. Consideration of this at design stage and the use of mechanical screens can provide simple and effective protection to a commercial wastewater treatment plant where there is public access to toilets
  • Medicines/disinfectants: Many medical facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals and medical practices can produce wastewater with a high concentration of medicines and antibiotics. These substances can damage the biological treatment process. The design of a commercial wastewater treatment plant with increased biological treatment zones and increased buffering can negate any impact.
  • Process wastewater: Factories that produce wastewater from staff activities [toilet, hand wash, shower] can also produce process water from manufacturing processes and clean in place activities. This process of industrial wastewater can have a very different profile to normal domestic or commercial wastewater [e.g low or high pH]. Where industrial wastewater is generated on a site then a separate waste stream should be installed, with a separate industrial wastewater treatment system then installed.

Contact us today for free specialist advice and a quotation on a commercial eco wastewater treatment plant.

How to buy a Commercial ECO Range Sewage Treatment System

Get in touch to speak with a member of our technical sales team about a commercial eco treatment plant. We can provide you with a free quotation or answer any questions you have about commercial wastewater treatment. We are happy to give more information or make recommendations and on the best type of sewage treatment solution for your project requirements. Have a look at some of our commercial case studies to see some of our work. All our products are independently tested and certified and meet the regulatory local and national standards. Our wastewater treatment solutions are also compliant with the requirements of UK 2020 septic tank regulations.

Additional information

Tank Material

Reinforced elite grade polypropylene

Plant Sizes

Up to 600 persons.

Treatment Standard

20:30:20 – European and British standard



Manhole sizes

Depending on model

Inlet Pipe Size

Manufactured to suit site conditions – but typically 110mm to 160mm [4" to 6"]

Outlet Pipe SIze

Manufactured to suit site conditions – but typically 110mm to 160mm [4" to 6"]

Power Supply

220v or 400v depending on site supply and plant size

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