Septic Tank Upgrade Options

non electric sewage treatment plant

So you have a failing septic tank. You are having to get your septic tank pumped out and desludged regularly, especially during the winter months when the ground is wet. You want to know what your options are.

Septic tank problems are varied. And without expert advice, you may end up spending thousands only to have the same problem manifest again in a year or two. So our first bit of advice is to contact us now for professional advice! Below are a few typical problems with typical solutions.

Failing soakaway/percolation area

Your percolation area may have been installed poorly and may need to be reinstalled. However, in order to remove the risk of installer error, we would always recommend that you install a Biocell packaged tertiary treatment system instead of a percolation area. It will save you money, and they are independently certified units so they are guaranteed to work.

Leaking concrete tank

Many of the small precast companies that make and sell septic tanks do not complete water tightness tests of their tanks, so they are leaking before they are ever installed. Also, as all concrete tanks are in 2 parts – if the sealant is not put on properly [and it rarely is!] you will have ground water entering your tank. Extra water from the ground entering your tank means the sewage does not have enough time to be treated in the tank, which means low quality effluent and percolation area/soakaway failure. The only solution here is to replace the tank. The safest solution is a single piece roto moulded high density plastic tank. Guaranteed to be 100% watertight.

Damaged tank

If the tank is damaged and leaking – there is unfortunately only one solution. replace it!

Domestic Sewage Treatment Options

domestic wastewater treatment plant

There are many options for domestic wastewater treatment available on the market today.

Septic Tank Option with Percolation Area

Up until recently, a septic tank was the most common option. However, this is a passive method of sewage treatment with limited treatment efficiency. Now, stricter rules and regulations require better, cleaner  results. Thankfully, there are now plenty of better sewage treatment options.

A septic tank is basically just a settlement tank where solids are pumped out periodically. There is limited biological treatment so the quality of the discharge is very poor. This is why a percolation area or similar treatment option is specified. A percolation area is located in the ground near the septic tank and contains pipes, trenches and filters to process the wastewater discharge. A filterpod tertiary treatment module removes the need the for a large percolation area or soakaway by carrying out the same function in a tank based system.

Sewage Treatment Plant Option

In a lot of situations, current EPA and Environment Agency regulations will not permit the installation of a septic tank and will specify the option of a domestic wastewater treatment plant instead. By installing a modern sewage treatment plant you can discharge the treated effluent directly into a drain or watercourse. This removes the need for an expensive percolation area or soakaway. 

Modern packaged sewage treatment plants operate on the principal of mixing air with the wastewater. Bacteria then develop naturally and grow in the system. They feed on the organic material in the sewage and the oxygen introduced via the aeration process.

Low Energy Sewage Treatment Options

Many old fashioned systems have air pumps running 24 hours a day mixing air with the wastewater as part of the treatment process. Biocell low energy sewage treatment plants have the lowest running costs on the market. This has been independently verified by extended test periods. If you compare our EN12566-3 certification with any competitor model you can confirm it. Our systems are British water approved and SR66 approved for use in Ireland.

Our ground breaking electricity free system called the ClearFox Nature is the only non electric sewage treatment plant on the market that has no mechanical components, so it never requires replacement parts. This is a zero energy, low cost domestic sewage treatment option. Other competing non electric systems still require replacement parts and maintenance.

Septic Tank Upgrade Option

If you need a septic tank upgrade, then the ClearFox Nature or the QuickOne+ can be installed after an existing septic tank where the existing tank is used for primary treatment (settlement) of the domestic sewage.

Alternatively, if you are building a new house and require a new septic system, we offer the most robust, reliable and cost effective sewage treatment options on the market. Our experts are available to speak to you and give you advice on how to upgrade your septic tank or how to install a sewage treatment plant as part of your new build project.