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Caravan Parks Wastewater Treatment

According to a market report carried out in 2017, business is better now in the caravan and holiday parks industry than since the boom years of 2008. Across the UK and Ireland staycations have taken on a greater appeal since the recession as a less expensive alternative to a holiday abroad. In 2017, rural hotspots and popular beach destinations throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland experienced significant growth in business.  Residents opted to holiday at home and overseas tourists were lured by the pound’s weakness after Brexit. Naturally, an increase in visitors to caravan parks, campsites, and holiday parks strengthens demand on the park facilities. It’s extremely important that the most basic facilities are in good order to cater for the masses. Most notably, the caravan parks wastewater treatment system.

Impact on business of a caravan parks wastewater treatment system

It would be very damaging for business if a caravan park did not have a properly functioning wastewater treatment system.

Firstly, it could harm the environment through water pollution. The Environment Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency have set down strict regulations regarding commercial wastewater treatment. You can view the discharge regulations for the Republic of Ireland here and for the UK here. If the treated wastewater falls below standard or if the correct permits are not in place, the owner could face prosecution and/or hefty fines. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Secondly, an inefficient or ineffective wastewater treatment system could cause damage to the park grounds and facilities. Flooding, blockages, slow flushing toilets, clogged showers and bad odors due to a failing septic system could ruin the reputation of a good campsite or caravan park. There can be no coming back from a couple of bad reviews on trip advisor! Not only that, fixing the damage due to a faulty system would cost a fortune and drain revenue for the business. In spite of this, many campsite and caravan parks wastewater treatment systems are still outdated and inadequate.

Escape to the countryside

Most people go camping to get away from busier places. You’d never find a caravan park or a campsite in the middle of a city – it would defeat the purpose entirely! It’s for the same reason that caravan parks and campsites require their own wastewater treatment systems. The vast majority are on rural land far from busy urban centres and nowhere near a mains sewer. Mains sewers collect urban wastewater and transport it to a common wastewater treatment plant. So all the wastewater generated in busy caravan park needs to be treated onsite before its release back to the environment.

Is my caravan parks wastewater treatment system adequate?

It’s easy to get bogged down with all the legal stuff when it comes to commercial wastewater treatment. The regulations differ between ScotlandWales, and Northern Ireland, and you can follow the links for more details. But in general, all governing bodies have heightened their environmental protection standards. So if a site is operating on an old septic system, chances are it’ll soon have to be replaced. If you’re running a campsite or caravan park and have doubts about the sewage system in place, you can contact us – we’d be happy to help.

A good caravan park wastewater treatment plant needs to be effective in all seasons. In times of greater use, like during high season, the system needs to be able to cope with an increased load of wastewater. Bear in mind that rainfall will add to the load too.

In turn, the system should work equally well with much smaller loads during the off season. Installation, running and maintenance costs should be kept to a minimum – you’re running a business after all. But that doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of your facilities.

Here at Biocell, we offer a wide range of wastewater treatment solutions. You can take a look at the system we recommend for caravan parks and campsites here. All of our products meet the current regulations for Great Britain and Ireland and our prices are very competitive. We would be very happy to help you choose your campsite or caravan parks wastewater treatment system.

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