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School Wastewater Treatment System

Schools throughout England, Scotland Wales and Ireland are busting at the seams. The Irish Education Minister estimates €40m in new classroom accommodation and school sewage treatment facilities is needed. So with the inevitable expansion and building of new schools comes the planning and installation of its vital facilities. It’s safe to say that a new school simply couldn’t operate without a suitable school wastewater treatment system. And existing schools may need a school septic tank upgrade.

Schools in the UK spend £70 million annually on the provision of fresh water and the treatment of  school wastewater, says the leading authority on water conservation Waterwise. In the UK, water is usually charged in cubic meters (1000 litres) for both the supply and the discharge (sewerage). With a limited budget, it’s so important that a school sewage system doesn’t send money down the drain! If a school is expanding, it will need a school septic tank upgrade to cope with the greater number of students.

Water conservation, the reduction of waste and sustainability are top of the agenda when it comes to new builds. For that reason, an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system is ideal. Have a look at this government guide to sustainable school operation in the UK.

When is a school wastewater treatment system needed?

Primarily, it depends on the location of the new school site. If the site doesn’t have access to a mains sewer the school will needs its own school wastewater treatment plant. In rare cases, the local planning authority may require that the new school have its own system even with access to a mains sewer. This could be if the municipal wastewater treatment plant is already operating at maximum capacity. In short, schools located in rural, remote and countryside areas will most often require a school wastewater treatment system. You’ll find detailed commercial wastewater treatment system guidelines here for Ireland. And here’s some commercial sewage treatment guidelines for ScotlandWales and England.

What to look for in a school wastewater treatment system

Whether a particular commercial wastewater treatment system will work or not for a school depends on the requirements of the school itself. Naturally, the system needs to meet CE standards and treat the commercial wastewater to the accepted standards. You’ll find all that technical stuff covered in the guidelines I mentioned above. But here’s a few things to consider if planning to install a school wastewater treatment system in particular:

  • Robust – can it handle the maximum daily load of wastewater?
  • Flexible – will it work after the holidays when its had little use?
  • Energy efficient – are the running costs low?

Find a company with good experience in commercial wastewater treatment system design, construction and maintenance. Biocell Water are an internationally recognized provider of such sewage systems and you’ll find many examples of their work on school sites here. In particular, have a look at their best product recommendation for treating commercial wastewater here. It ticks all the boxes.

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