Hotel Wastewater Treatment

A good hotel needs a good, reliable hotel wastewater treatment plant. Without one, a hotel wouldn’t function. Big or small, a hotel of any size creates plenty of wastewater. Hotel wastewater comes from all the ensuite bathrooms, the kitchen, the bar, the laundry room, the gym, the swimming pool…the list goes on!  With such a large amount of wastewater, it’s vital that the hotel treatment system can cope with the load.

Any hotel manager dealing with a faulty hotel septic system knows the unnecessary stress it can cause. Expensive repairs, maintenance and guests grumbling about bad smells and blocked toilets are simply not worth it!

Upgrade Hotel Wastewater Treatment System

If you’re in the hotel business and your hotel septic tank is giving you grief, it’s time to get it sorted. But where to start? The answer is easy – safety first! When a hotel septic system is properly located, engineered, installed and maintained it won’t contaminate natural water sources. Otherwise, an old or faulty hotel septic system can pollute the environment and threaten public health and safety.

The environment authority and environmental protection agency are the bodies responsible for carrying out checks on commercial wastewater systems in the UK and Ireland. If the effluent falls below standard, you’ll need to have it quickly sorted. How might the effluent fall below standard? More often than not, it’s because of an old or faulty hotel septic tank. But repairs take time and can be costly.

Modern packaged hotel wastewater treatment plants and hotel septic systems are far more efficient and eco-friendly. It’s often better to replace or upgrade the hotel wastewater system entirely. It will cost a lot less in terms of time, money and stress in the long run.

New Hotel Wastewater Treatment Plants

If it’s a new hotel that needs a new hotel wastewater treatment system, there are various checks in place. Apart from the obvious, like the capacity and location of the system, the quality of the effluent has to be of a safe standard.

A hotel wastewater system must meet environmental regulations specific to the location of the hotel. These regulations ensure that the system does not harm the local surroundings. As hotels are often located close to rivers, lakes or the sea the hotel wastewater treatment plant needs to follow strict environmental protection regulations.

Protecting the natural habitat and preserving the quality of source water in the area should always be top priority. Maintaining the natural beauty of the local environment will benefit business for the hotel too. Depending on the location, you may need to apply for a permit to discharge hotel wastewater.

Permits and regulations concerning commercial wastewater treatment systems vary between the UK and Ireland. Follow the links below for more specific information.

What Kind of Treatment System

It can be overwhelming trying to find the best packaged plant for hotel wastewater treatment. A good wastewater treatment company will provide you with good advice and best recommendations for your needs.

Here at Biocell, our experts recommend SBR type systems for hotel wastewater treatment. In a nutshell, an SBR system works under non-steady state conditions. This means that it can treat a wide range of wastewater volumes. Hotels have peak times and off seasons. An SBR system works with this in mind to autodetect high and low volumes of wastewater. It doesn’t run constantly therefore making it a low cost and energy efficient option – ideal for hotels.

A final word of advice

A hotel wastewater system can be overwhelmed by large volumes of grease and oils. Not only clogging pipes and creating bad smells, grease and oils interfere with the treatment process. The effluent then falls below standard and ends up polluting the environment. Grease and oils usually come from wastewater produced in kitchens and restaurants but can’t be avoided.

However, a grease trap intercepts most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater treatment system. If you’re going to install a brand new wastewater treatment system, get the grease trap in order too. Don’t let a poorly installed or overflowing grease trap be the reason your hotel septic system fails! You can read more about the effects of oils and grease on septic systems in one of our earlier blogs here.


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