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SR66 Certified Small Wastewater Treatment Plants Ireland

What is SR66?

SR66 is the standard that must be met by a small waste water treatment plant or product to be used in Ireland. The small wastewater treatment plant/product in question must already have met the relevant EN12566 standard.

SR66 references and expands on the European Standards and the Environmental Protection Agency Code of Practice relating to the selection, installation and use of small wastewater treatment systems in Ireland.

How can I check SR66 certification?

PIA GmbH is a testing body for the certification of wastewater treatment products. Together with the Irish Department of Housing, Planning Community and Local Government they have developed a list of products in compliance with SR66. Alternatively, if there is a particular domestic sewage treatment plant you are interested in, simply request a copy of the certificate from the manufacturer or supplier.

SR66 Certificate for QuickOne+

SR66 Certified Small Wastewater Treatment Plants by Biocell

All Biocell domestic and commercial wastewater treatment plants up to 50 P.E for use in Ireland are SR66 certified and therefore EN12566 certified.  More specifically,

Biocell QuickOne+

Biocell Concrete+

Additional Approvals and Certificates

In addition to SR66 certification, Biocell small wastewater treatment systems are also:

What requirements are covered by SR66 

SR66 certification ensures that a small wastewater treatment system is suitable for use in Ireland and that it meets all the necessary performance requirements. It includes additional requirements not listed by the appropriate EN12566 standard including those related to sludge capacity and scaling. It does not, however, cover the requirements for tertiary wastewater treatment systems. According to the CoP,

Tertiary treatment systems, which form part of
systems covered under I.S. EN 12566-3:2005
and prEN 12566-7, should conform to the
requirements of those standards.

EPA CoP WWTS Single Houses Pt.1

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