Wastewater Treatment for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and care homes produce large amounts of sewage arising from the care of patients, and from staff activities. Many nursing homes and care homes are located outside of urban areas, and are not connected to the main public sewer. They must treat their wastewater onsite by using off mains drainage solutions, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

Care homes typically produce higher volumes of wastewater per person than other applications. The EPA wastewater treatment manuals and the British water flows and loads document recommends that 350l/person is allowed for in the design of care home wastewater treatment solutions. To put this in perspective, a person in a domestic setting only produces 150l/day of wastewater.

Composition of Nursing Home Waste Water

Nursing home wastewater composition is different to standard wastewater. Due to the increased use of cleaning products and disinfectants for cleaning, the COD can be twice as high as normal sewage. Also, nursing home patients are typically on medication. Traces of this medication passes through the body and are then in wastewater. Many of these trace contaminants of antibiotics can have an impact on biological wastewater treatment plants. If correct consideration is not given to the concentrations of all pollutants in care home waste water, then treatment systems can fail to achieve the required design effluent standards.

A non performing wastewater treatment plant at a care home or nursing home can pose a compliance issue. All wastewater discharges from care homes are permitted. The environment agency issues a consent to discharge or a discharge permit which outlines the effluent standards that must be achieved. Failure to comply with these discharge license standards can result in fines or even closure.

Upgrading Waste Water Treatment in Nursing Homes

Typically a care home wastewater treatment plant may not achieve the BOD, COD or Ammonia [NH4N] limits. If you do not meet the limits set out in your trade effluent discharge license, then the only solution is to upgrade your wastewater treatment system.

Biocell has extensive experience in designing solutions for care home and nursing home wastewater treatment. We provide process guarantees with our solutions. This ensures that you will achieve full license compliance for your wastewater discharge. We also offer add on tertiary treatment solutions for the removal of BOD, COD and ammonia. These can be added to an existing nursing home sewage treatment plant or septic tank.

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