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Why Should You Choose Concrete Septic Tanks?

Concrete is a durable, long lasting, and waterproof material, so it’s often the best choice for a septic tank

When people buy a septic tank, they want to know that it will last and that it will do the job without them having to worry. This is why concrete septic tanks are so popular. While plastic tanks can have their benefits as a cheaper alternative, here are four reasons why you should choose a concrete septic tank.

1. Most Governments Approve of Concrete Septic Tanks

If you live a household that isn’t connected to the main sewage system, it is often a legal requirement that you have some kind of septic tank connected to your home. However, your government (whether that’s local or national) doesn’t want you to use just any septic tank.

In the US, the biggest benefit of concrete is that most local, city and state governments approve of concrete septic tanks. For plastic, the rules vary from state to state.

In the European Union, EN 12566-1 and EN 12566-4 specify the kind of septic tanks that are acceptable. In short, some plastics are fine and concrete is fine most of the time, but high standards, rigorous checks, and national laws still apply.

2. Concrete Septic Tanks Produce High-Quality Effluent

Not only is high-quality effluent better for the environment, it’s also a legal requirement in the UK and Ireland. This is another good reason to choose a concrete septic tank.

In Ireland, while direct discharge into the soil is prohibited, indirect effluent discharge is permissible regarding that it meets the EPA’s requirements. It’s because of this that all septic tank effluent in Ireland needs to be extremely high quality.

According to the 2011 census, just under half a million people in Ireland live in areas rural enough to require septic tanks. That’s just under 10% of the total population. This is why the law for septic tanks is so specific and so complex. By contrast, the UK law for septic tanks operates on more of a case-by-case, permit-by-permit basis because of the relatively few people who require them.

As a result, effluent quality in the UK can be a big factor depending on where you plan on building your septic tank and how much wastewater it will have to deal with. So, for high-quality effluent and for peace of mind, a concrete septic tank is a great choice.

3. Quality Concrete Can Last for Thousands of Years

People considering concrete septic tanks might be interested to learn that concrete developed by the Romans has lasted as a waterproof sea defence for thousands of years. If concrete walls developed by the Romans can withstand the oceans for that long, then a concrete septic tank will be more than able to meet your business or home’s needs.

Some plastics can snap and crack easily, but concrete is so strong and waterproof that we use it to build dams, buildings, and bridges. Bound together by nothing but sand and water, it’s concrete’s simplicity which makes it so compact and so tough.

4. Concrete Septic Tanks Can Weather Storms

Heavy rainfall can be damaging to a septic tank system, but concrete septic tanks tend to do quite well. First of all, the immense size of concrete septic tanks means that they are at a lower risk of flooding when it rains. Secondly, very heavy rain can cause low-quality plastic tanks to float free from where they are meant to be. The weight of a concrete tank keeps it secured to the ground and means that this does not happen.

For concrete septic tanks for your business or home, contact Biocell Water today. We deliver and install high-quality concrete septic tanks to anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

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