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Temporary wastewater treatment and portable wastewater treatment solutions

Temporary wastewater treatment solutions [also known as portable wastewater treatment systems] are being increasingly specified and utilised for a wide range of projects. By utilising modular and containerised wastewater treatment plants, a high-quality solution can be immediately available for any project from 200 – 20,000 persons in size. Also, as portable and temporary sewage treatment systems are available for both rent or buy, they can provide a very cost-effective solution.

What is temporary wastewater treatment?

Temporary wastewater treatment is the supply of a wastewater treatment system for a specified time to cater for a project where only a permanent demand for wastewater treatment is not required.

A good example of temporary or bypass wastewater treatment is an application where a municipal wastewater treatment plant is being upgraded. In such a situation, the main treatment elements of an existing plant may be out of service for either maintenance work or expansion. In such a situation, a temporary wastewater treatment solution is required. A very simple yet versatile solution is to utilise modular containerized wastewater treatment modules. An individual treatment module in a single 20ft container can treat the wastewater from a population equivalent of 800 persons up to 1600 persons depending on influent strength. So for a municipal project, containerised systems are the best method of providing temporary wastewater treatment. Modules are also available for rent or buy.

What is portable wastewater treatment

A portable wastewater treatment plant is a system that can be rapidly deployed to a temporary development to provide short term wastewater treatment. Portable wastewater treatment plants are generally available to either rent or buy.

An example where a portable wastewater treatment system may be considered is a mobile worker camp for oil and gas drilling, or a mobile worker camp for a large construction project or gas pipeline. The portable system can be delivered to site and setup rapidly. Then, when the camp is ready to relocate, the wastewater treatment plant can simply be relocated. The advantage of containerised wastewater treatment systems is that they can be moved anywhere by road, rail or sea as all equipment is already preinstalled in ISO sea containers.

Portable wastewater treatment plants can be designed to deal with domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater or wastewater from any commercial application.

Different components in a temporary or portable containerised wastewater treatment system

The real benefit of portable or temporary sewage systems is that they comprise individual modules that are all fully containerised. So regardless of your application, a solution can be supplied to suit.

The typical components of a standard containerised mobile wastewater treatment system are as follows;

1 –Inlet screen – this is either a mechanical or manual inlet screen for the removal of any big solid particles from the wastewater.

2 – Buffer tanks – these tanks serve to equalize and buffer the wastewater flows to the plant. For example, if all of the flow was entering the plant over a 6 hour period each day, the buffer tanks would equalise this inflow and prevent overloading of the plant.

3 – Fixed bed reactor module – this is the biological reactor where the BOD. COD, TSS [etc] reduction occurs. A single 20ft container can cater for wastewater flows from 800 – 1600 persons depending on the application.

4 – Clarifier – a final clarifier removes any small particles or remaining impurities from the wastewater.

5 – Ultrafiltration or Ultraviolet – in situations with a very high final effluent requirement an ultrafiltration module can be added to the system. An ultra violet treatment module can also be added to the system which allows for recycling of the final effluent for irrigation, etc.

A portable or temporary plant can be comprised of any variation of the different available components. This makes containerised solutions one of the most efficient and versatile forms of wastewater treatment on the market today.

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  1. Looking for a portable wastewater treatment system to rent for a month or so so we can take pur community treatment plant offline for repairs. Pur typical flow is 10,000 gals/day


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