containerised wastewater treatment plant for industrial sewage treatment

Containerized Wastewater Treatment

Containerized sewage treatment plants are sea containers that have wastewater treatment equipment preinstalled. The benefit of a containerised wastewater treatment plant is that it is an effective method of transporting a complete wastewater treatment system to any location via sea transport. Also, containerised solutions are a form of mobile wastewater treatment, so the plant can be reused and transported to a new location when necessary.

Example application: Mobile worker camp serving the installation of oil/gas pipeline. A containerised wastewater treatment plant can be delivered by road transport to the worker camp and made operational in <12 hours. As the worker plant moves along the pipeline route, the mobile containerised sewage treatment plant can simply be moved with the worker camp.

Biocell containerised wastewater treatment plants  offer an ideal solution for applications including the following;

  • Mobile worker camps – oil and gas
  • Temporary industrial sites
  • Construction sites
  • Sites with spatial constraints as containers can be stacked
  • As temporary treatment, while municipal plants are being upgraded
  • Municipal wastewater treatment [permanent and temporary]
  • Refugee camps
  • Military camps
  • Offshore facilities

Various configurations are possible, with single containerised systems for smaller applications, and modular containerised wastewater treatment solutions comprising multiple containers for larger applications. Systems are available in standard models, or bespoke solutions can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements. Pump stations can be supplied also to pump collected wastewater to the container plant.

Packaged containerised plants can incorporate primary treatment, biological treatment, clarification and tertiary treatment into a single container. Alternatively, stand alone containerised reactors are available for biological treatment only.

We offer international delivery of containerised wastewater treatment plants. Our products have the appropriate certifications and technical approvals for all jurisdictions. Contact us now for an immediate quotation.

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