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Eco Friendly and Sustainable Home Sewage Treatment

Now that pollution is at a critical level and has become a serious worldwide concern, we are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to choose eco friendly and sustainable options as often as possible. We are less inclined to use single use plastics, are more likely to recycle, eat clean and choose solar or wind powered electricity options where possible. And for some of us, we now thankfully have the option to choose eco friendly and sustainable home sewage treatment options.

In a sense, the concept of modern sewage treatment is already an eco friendly process. It involves reducing harmful compounds in sewage water that would otherwise cause damage to human health and natural eco systems. However, not all modern home sewage treatment plants can claim to be both eco friendly and sustainable.

Electricity and Sewage Treatment

In almost all cases, modern home sewage treatment plants use electricity in order to operate. At a very basic level, the concept of modern sewage treatment involves increasing the levels of oxygen in the sewage water in order to accelerate the treatment process. For this to happen, most sewage treatment plants use air blowers to introduce the extra oxygen into the sewage. Unfortunately, the use of electricity to power the air blowers is not a sustainable method of home sewage treatment, especially if the air blowers run 24/7.

An Eco Friendly Home Sewage Treatment Plant

An eco friendly home sewage treatment plant should only use electricity when necessary. The main electrical components of a modern sewage treatment plant are the air blowers. Instead of running 24/7, the air blowers should only activate whenever raw sewage enters the system and run for the appropriate length of time it takes to clean the sewage. Not only does this benefit the environment but also results in cost savings for the end user.

An example such of an eco friendly sewage treatment plant is the Biocell QuickOne+, costing as little as €0.10/£0.08 per day. The QuickOne+ oxygenates raw sewage for exactly the length of time required to achieve the appropriate treatment levels.

A Sustainable Home Sewage Treatment Plant

According to Google, the definition of sustainability is avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance

In order to fit this definition, a sustainable home sewage treatment system would have to operate without electricity. It may be difficult to imagine that a sewage treatment plant could achieve the necessary treatment levels without electricity but it is possible. An example of such a sustainable home sewage treatment plant is the ClearFox Nature. This clever system uses natural aeration to oxygenate the incoming wastewater without electricity.


Not only does it require zero electricity to run, it is also capable of treating sewage to such high standards that it is legally acceptable to direct the discharge to a watercourse.

See the video below for an explanation of how the ClearFox Nature operates without electricity to earn its status as a sustainable home sewage treatment system.

Sewage Treatment and Noise Pollution

The key behind an environmentally friendly product is the way in which it blends into and fits within its surroundings. This means reducing waste, but it also means reducing sound. It’s hard to predict the impacts that a loud home sewage treatment system would have on the wildlife near your home. However, it’s fair to assume that it wouldn’t be positive.

An eco friendly and sustainable sewage treatment plant produces little to no noise pollution. Motors and mechanical parts inevitably produce a certain level of noise so it’s important that such components only operate when necessary, like the QuickOne+.


On the other hand, the ClearFox Nature as mentioned above, operates without motors or electricity and uses natural ventilation to treat the incoming sewage, resulting in zero noise pollution. This means that the impact on local wildlife is is kept to a minimum and stays in line with the goal of sustainable sewage treatment.

For a free quotation on eco-friendly and sustainable home sewage treatment systems contact Biocell Water today.


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  1. I am interested in talking with you about your system. I want to build an eco friendly community and would like to know if your could do a community? What is the extent that the water is cleaned?

  2. Hi ,im intending to build an eco house in wales and like your system, please send plans and cost for a 6 person unit.
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